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Welcome to zooclub!

What is zooClub?!

Here every pet has its own site and is looking forward to your visit.
In this club, there are no bouncers, no age limits, and no cover charge. It's a free community for all pets and their owners to meet and have fun. In zooClub everything with paws, claws, fins or a break can can meet up to make new friends, or get in contact with each other. Every zooClub member gets his own website with a profile and then the fun really starts: looking around, contacting other members, making new friends, and meeting up with old ones.The more zooClub members, the more exciting and fun it is for everyone, so don't forget to spread the news: zooClub - the hippest pet club in the net!

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New in the pet community

Name  Tipzee
Breed: Ragdoll
Age: 3 months
Lives in: SKEGNESS
Fish: 6
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Name  Sercha
Breed: Chow Chow
Age: 10 years
Lives in: SKEGNESS
Bones: 2
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Name  Topzee
Breed: Ragdoll
Age: 3 months
Lives in: SKEGNESS
Fish: 6
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