Pets with most diary entries

Name  Beau
Dec 27, 2015 18:16
Festliche schnurrt und guten Wünsche an alle meine sehr lieben Freunde und Besucher .. ...

Name  Daisy
Jun 15, 2014 16:09
Can't believe how long it's been since I have checked in to zooclub, well I'm still going strong, getting...

Name  ziggy
Oct 3, 2008 19:01
well never thought she'd go through with it , but she did, even though I fluttered my long eyelashes at h...

Name  Phoebe
Dec 18, 2008 18:06
Yep and Christmas is approaching ... presents arriving that She's bought ... but she won't let me tear th...

Name  Ty
Jan 9, 2011 17:56
Its been a while since i last had a diary entry. My how time flies! I'm now a big boy although still a ki...

Name  DJ
Feb 13, 2009 13:57
DJ passed away on the 5th February 2009 after many weeks of illness, gone but never forgotten, he was so ...

Name  norman
Oct 31, 2010 21:30
Its halloween tonight. Busy night with loads of children coming. Hope there's no firecrackers...

Name  bailey
Jul 26, 2011 22:23
my mummy and daddy split up but mummy says i dont need him i have mummy nana and grandad they look after ...

Name  Millie
Aug 1, 2008 01:00
my friend sooty unfortunately died last week and i was ok at first, i was eating and playing. but it now ...

Name  Lucky
Mar 18, 2008 16:02
Yesterday (St. Patricks Day), Jess and Mammy took care of Alex, Jess's evil cousin.  Hes about two, ...

Name  sasha
Mar 3, 2008 18:32
wow I've got a lovely feline for my very first friend called Toto, it's great to be friends with him

Name  captain jack
Mar 14, 2011 17:24
Thought it was about time that I spoke to my friends and let them know that I'm fine. In fact life counld...