Pets with most diary entries

Name  Lucky
Mar 18, 2008 16:02
Yesterday (St. Patricks Day), Jess and Mammy took care of Alex, Jess's evil cousin.  Hes about two, ...

Name  sasha
Mar 3, 2008 18:32
wow I've got a lovely feline for my very first friend called Toto, it's great to be friends with him

Name  captain jack
Mar 14, 2011 17:24
Thought it was about time that I spoke to my friends and let them know that I'm fine. In fact life counld...

Name  Elwood
Dec 14, 2010 04:53
Im too cute to be in any danger, plus my brother will lick him to death, whilst I purr at him.

Name  Jake
Dec 14, 2010 04:50
Its a good thing I love my Mummy and Daddy, as they made me wear this silly hat and Jacket. Who is S...

Name  Amber
Oct 28, 2010 21:03
Met some nice new people today. they are related to my mommy. I was introduced to everyone and was a very...

Name  Jeronimo
Nov 22, 2009 18:05
HI Jeronimo, not a moment goes by that I am not thinking of you. I'm so sad that you're gone, it has brok...

Name  Bastet
Nov 4, 2008 10:12
Well, after all the upset of losing my big brother, I now have a new little sister.  She's rather an...

Name  Daisy
Oct 6, 2008 16:43
Meow Better day today. Went out in the garden and saw Bob. It is a large Estate where I live and there is...