Pets with most visited diary

Name  Murphy
Nov 28, 2009 15:51
I was going mad this afternoon, chasing my catnip mice around the house. I was tired but I didn't stop ru...

Name  Pingu
Jul 7, 2009 16:30
he is a mxied bread and is black and white, he's really a softy but can get playful with the kitten he li...

Name  micky
Nov 15, 2008 21:55
hello every1 i am going to be a daddy for the very first time i am so excited. wish me luck

Name  Sekhmet
Nov 15, 2008 14:18
Well, I'm recovering from my 'little operation' and only have a small scar on my tummy.  Now I'm imp...

Name  Jingle
Oct 6, 2008 13:59
Well, mum wasn't too happy about this but I'm very proud.... Mum was sitting quietly watching Casualty th...

Name  R.I.P Daisy
Oct 5, 2008 12:49
I was all warm ad cozy until charlie woke me up. :(. And then i really had to go to the toilet! So they l...

Oct 28, 2008 20:10
Here is my new entry - I have settled really well now and cannot remember my life before I was adopted!! ...

Name  Skybound Amelia Aerh...
Sep 24, 2008 12:49
Just been given "time out" in the kitchen for creating a chaos with the rest of the gang :-(

Name  Daisy
Oct 6, 2008 16:43
Meow Better day today. Went out in the garden and saw Bob. It is a large Estate where I live and there is...