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Help, If you have a problem or an error message, and you don't know what to do, just write to us hier.


What are the advantages of becoming a zooclub member?

As a guest to the website, you can only view existing members and their pets, and you can rate their profiles. As a zooclub member, you have the opportunity to create a new profile just for your pet, or even multiple profiles for multiple pets. In the profile, you can upload pictures of your pet, share your favorite stories, or maybe just brag about his or her last amazing trick. You'll get a homepage too, where you can see the profiles of all your pets, and where you can add a picture of yourself. That way, even if your pets have you on a short leash, you'll get to be part of the zooclub community along with them!


How do you become a member of zooclub?

Under Login, you can register for free with just a few clicks of the mouse. There is no age requirement for the registration, and no data is shared with a third party.


How to become "Pet of the week" ?

For the "Pet of the week" section on the homepage , every begining of the week we identify pets that in the past week recieved most treats, the pets that managed to attract most visitors to their profile and also the pets that won the most friends. Since February 2010 there is a new rule: the "pet of the week" with most of the goodies may not yet have appeared as an animal of the week. Otherwise, we choose randomly a different animal from the top five out.


Why can't I upload my photos?

Sometimes there can be problems uploading digital photos, especially when the file is too large. We recommend that photos (GIF, JPEG, or PNG format) have a maximum file size of 2 MB and a minimum size of 400 x 300 pixels.


Why is my picture white or black after I've uploaded it?

The firewall of the network (ex. at work) doesn't allow you to upload pictures. In this case, you can only upload your photos from a different network (ex. at home) or you can try strongly reducing the file size; this can help.


What do I do if a photo is completely white or black after it has been uploaded?

Delete the photo. Log in to zooclub, choose the pet with the white or black photo(s), and under "pictures" in the pet profile, delete all the photos that are not displayed correctly. You won't be able to see the completely white photos, but there will sti


What's the difference between a "public" and a "private" profile?

When you've activated the function "Profile is Public," all zooclub visitors can see your profile photo as well as your user name and home city. If your profile is set to "Private," only your pets will be displayed and not your own user profile.


What is the pawprint rating system?

Every pet profile can be rated by other members through this rating system. When you're rating, be sure to take the whole profile into consideration, including all of the photos and texts (ex. favorite treats, tricks, characteristics, etc.). The number of


How does the treat function work?

Every pet in zooclub is happy to get a little treat from a new friend! Depending on the type of pet, you can give a bone (dogs), fish (cats), carrot (small animals), corn cob (birds), insect (reptiles), worm (fish), or an apple (horses). The pets are stil


Unfortunately, I haven't found the answer I'm looking for. How can I reach the zooclub team?

You can reach us through our blog. Please be as detailed as you can with comments and questions so that we can help you efficiently.


How can I end my zooclub membership?

Over the menu point My Account, you can choose to end your membership. Once you choose this, your entire user profile will be irrevocably deleted.