What is zooclub?!

In this club, there are no bouncers, no age limits, and no cover charge. It's a free community for all pets and their owners to meet and have fun. In zooclub everything with paws, claws, fins or a beak can meet up to make new friends, or get in contact with each other. Every zooclub member gets his own website with a profile and then the fun really starts: looking around, contacting other members, making new friends, and meeting up with old ones. The more zooclub members, the more exciting and fun it is for everyone, so don't forget to spread the news: zooclub – the hippest pet club in the net!

What are the advantages of becoming a member?

As a guest, you can view other member's pets and rate their profiles, but you can't show off your own pet. That's a shame, now isn't it?

As a member, you can create a personal profile for your pet, or pets. Here you can introduce each pet with a cute, funny, or just plain dashing photo and there's plenty of room to tell a few stories about him or her too.

The special part of the profiles is that the owners of the pets can also be introduced with a photo. That way, man's best friend and his or her human counterpart are both part of the zooclub community! That makes it all the more interesting, don't you think?

How do you become a member of zooclub?

Under "Login", you can register for free with just a few clicks of the mouse. Have fun!