Chao - Burmese Cat - Ho Chi Minh
<p> <i><b>Đồng hồ Baby-G BA-112-1ADR - đồng hồ thể thao dành cho các cô gái cá tính, với chất liệu cao cấp, thiết kế năng động, màu sắc thời thượng, hứa hẹn sẽ phá đảo giới trẻ toàn thế giới. Là chiếc đồng hồ vô cùng phù hợp với những cô gái mạnh mẽ, cá tính và thể thao.</b></i><br> <br> <b>Đồng hồ Baby-G BA-112-1ADR, lưu ý về thương hiệu:</b><br> <br> <font color="#9A00B2">◥</font> Chiếc đồng hồ G-Shock đầu tiên được phát minh năm 1983 bởi một kỹ sư của Casio. Với thiết kế thể thao, nhiều tình năng vượt trội như chống nước, đèn Led thì G-Shock chính thức tạo nên một cơn sốt đồn hồ cho giới trẻ toàn thế giới. Và đến năm 1988, thì đã có 19 triệu chiếc G-shock đã được bán trên toàn thế giới.<br> &nbsp;</p><div align="CENTER"> <img src=""><br> <i>Baby-G đồng hồ thể thao vô cùng năng động</i></div><br><br><p> <font color="#9A00B2">◥</font> Sau thành công vang dội đó, Casio tiếp tục cho ra dòng sản phẩm tương tư nhưng dành cho nữ giới mang tên&nbsp;&nbsp;Baby-G. Nhắm đến các bạn nữ yêu thích thể thao, tham gia nhiều các hoạt động ngoài trời.<br> <br> <b>Đồng hồ Baby-G BA-112-1ADR, lưu ý về thiết kế và chất lượng </b><br> <br> <font color="#9A00B2">◥</font> Đồng hồ Baby-G BA-112-1ADR với 4 màu chính : đen, hồng, xanh dương và vàng. Ít có thương hiệu đồng hồ cao cấp nào dám kết hợp nhiều màu sắc rực rỡ trong thiết kế của mình như Baby-G vì rất khó thể hiện được sự đẳng cấp nhưng Baby-G lại làm được điều đó.<br> <br> <img src=""><em>Cách để xem</em> <strong><em><a href="" rel="nofollow"><span style="color:#000080;">tại đây</span></a></em></strong> <em>nhé</em><br> <br> <font color="#9A00B2">◥</font> Nền đồng hồ với 4 tần màu: Hồng, xanh dương, vàng, đen theo thứ tự từ ngoài vào trong. Mỗi tầng màu đềo có thêm các chi tiết như chữ, hình, số trên nó. Nhưng mọi thứ không hề khiến mặt đồng hồ trở nên rối mà vô cùng hòa hợp và hài hòa.</p><br><br><div align="CENTER"> <img src=""><br> <i>Không hề thô đi đeo lên tay các cô gái dù nhỏ nhắn</i></div><br><br><p> <font color="#9A00B2">◥</font> Kim đồng hồ khá lớn và màu chủ đạo là hồng kết hợp với tầng ngoài cùng đồng hồ cũng màu hồng. Làm cho chiếc đồng hồ bắt đầu hơi nữ tính một chút. Ngoài ra bên trong chia làm 3 khoang: khoang giờ, khoang ngày và khoang đếm giây.<br> <br> <font color="#9A00B2">◥</font> Mặt kính đồng hồ từ Mineral Crystal cường lực, vô cùng cứng cáp và bền bỉ, rất khó bị trầy xước hay bễ vỡ. Ngoài ra, vô cùng trong suốt, sáng bóng, khó bị mờ kể cả

Dennis - Mixed Breed - Leighton Buzzard
My beautiful boy, who was Diabetic, sadly passed away on 7th May 2020.  He had 2 vets visits 1 week apart, as his health was declining, and at the last appointment he never came home.  He rapidly went into multiple organ failure, and that was that.It was during our strict lockdown period thanks to Covid-19, so my last contact with him was a handover in the car park.  I feel his loss every day.  I miss him terribly.  I only had him for 2 1/2 years, as he was a senior rescue cat.  But after his last few homes, mine was definitely the most stable (and CLEAN!) that he'd ever experienced.  I hope he was happy at the end.  The nurses and vet were the last ones to comfort him.  I wish I could have been there. Love you forever Dennis.  My sweetie. 

Willow - Mixed Breed - Durham
Today I was Pet of the Day on the website! 

Cinnamon - Mixed Breed - Liverpool
Today i was on the home page of zooplus as Pet of The Day :)My owner is very proud of me <3 

Titch ( Angel of love in R.B.L) - European Shorthair cat - Rhaeadr Gwy. Cymru
Von meinem himmlischen Wolke Königreich und meine engelhafte Herz. .. ich möchte dir danken ... Alle meine sehr gütigsten und liebsten Freunde für deine Besuche, lecker Engelsfische und fünf Pfoten. Dies hat die Herzmuscheln unserer Herzen erwärmt .. dies ist eine alte britische Sprichwort. Ich weiß nicht, oder genau verstehen, warum Herzmuscheln etwas mit dem Herzen zu tun haben sollte.. Aber, irgend etwas mit der bloßen Erwähnung  von Herzmuscheln oder Fisch  sicherlich wärmt mein Herz. Leider, wie euch alle wissen, meine sehr liebe und wunderbare Freunde .. Ich habe nun unerwarteterweise auf meiner Wolke durch die Ankunft von süßen Engel Pickles verbunden. Ich werde um sie kümmern und mein Vater einen flauschigen Wolke neben dem meinen  schaffen für Pickles zum Sitzen , wenn Väter Tränen ein wenig trocknen. Wir haben alle mit unseren Freunden freundliche Gedanken und Beileid für mich und Pickles überwältigt worden. So wie keine Worte können wirklich vermitteln die Gefühle der Liebe und Verlust ... es gibt keine Worte zu beschreiben, die Gefühle dass unserer wunderbare schöne und lieb mitfühlende Freunde .. gebracht haben, um unsere Herzen. Wir sind sehr glücklich und fühlen uns geehrt mit so tollen Freunden gesegnet sein .. und auch die Freude euch alle bringen auf deinen schönen Besuche. Papa wird meiner Wolke bald aktualisieren mit meiner Geschichte auch.. inmitten seiner Trauer .. das kleine Kätzchen des Hecke, dass ich in Richtung Väter Haus gelenkten, hat viel Zeit gefordert und verursacht viel Ruhestörung .. er ist süß und liebevoll, aber eine ziemlich komplexe wenig Charakter. Ich wünsche allen meinen Freunden, Besuchern und eure Familien Gesundheit, Glück und ein wunderschönes Wochenende .. mit Dank, ich sende schnurrt für eure Herzen. Himmlische schnurrt und Küsse von deinen Titch ♥♥♥ =^.T.^= ♥♥♥ Mich und Jackson .. 2007

Sadie - Mixed Breed - Gravesend
Just a quick note to tell about this afternoon after the nap.I could hear mum scooping the litter box, so I walked in the back door and hung out in the utility room, hoping I could catch her attention.  It didn't take her long to notice me and she said, "Hello Woo." and kept on scooping.  Hmm, this is going to be a challenge, how does a little kitty tell another species something AND get them to respond to your request?  I waited, patiently till she finished and just as she always does, she looked at me and pointed to the litterbox saying it was 'ok' for me to use it.  Here's my chance, she said it again and I started slowly walking towards the back door and came back.  I did it again and boy, lemme tell ya, mum is quick. She said, "Ooooh, you want me to watch you go outside?"  BINGO!I trotted to the bottom of the garden and mum stood just outside the back door and watched.  I finished up and covered it up and lept and bounded back to mum as she clapped and told me what a big girl I was!!  WOW!  She quickly went inside and gave me and Sis a meat stick!! (our fav treats) What a good day it has been!!

Belle - Mixed Breed - Gravesend
I thought I'd say hello.  My name is Belle, I'm pretty shy and don't say too much.  I tend to be much more of an action cat! I just thought I'd chime in here since Sis (Sadie) is all that and a bag of chips with doing her business outside and then making diary entries about it.  Well, I did a wee and mum saw it AND said I was a big girl too!Just wanted to get that in.  I'm off to go play with the neighbor's bush that has the funnest little flowers on it.  When you bat the branches they come off and with it being really windy today they fly!!  Catch ya laterz

B.B. - Mixed Breed - Gravesend
Oh another glorious day with the little knuckle heads (huff).  I wake up every morning hoping it's been the longest bad dream but, nope, they are very real and very much HERE!The weather is lovely and warm today and normally I would be outside soaking it up. Ever since those two figured out how that cat flap works my whole social life has been ruined! They try to follow me everywhere I go. All my mates have a rip-roaring time laughing at me with these two following after me.. "B.B. where ya goin? B.B. can we come? B.B. are you allowed to go there? B.B. who's that? B.B. , B.B. , B.B. , etc." I can lose them most of the time but sheesh, what a nightmare.They eat any food I haven't finished at meal time, I mean these hoovers with paws finish their whole bowl in one go! Hogs! .. AND then have the nerve to migrate over to my bowl after I stroll away for a bit of a breather, and devour that!!I'm going to continue my goth/vampire phase come autumn. For now I'll nap in the spare room where the sun comes through the window and covers the bed. (yawns) yep, that sounds like a fab idea, Hang on fresh clean WHITE bed linen, I'm on my way!! Ciao for now

Jack - Hamster - Burton-on-Trent
i left this earth last saturday but i did have a great time on it. my mummy loooked after me and i looked after her. i was really old when i went to heaven and i was also quite ill. my lovely warm fur coat was getting thinner and thinner, and i was drinking a lot. i say a lot, but tht was only when mummy was there to help me get the water out of the bottle. i simply did not have the strength to do it. i couldnt really run on my wheel for a while! goodbye fellow animals and may the future be on your side. now and always. i will always be watching from above.

Soxie - British Shorthair Cat - Cardiff
Finally decided to get Soxie spayed. I was going to wait till the end of the month, but I can't take it no more. If I wait any longer. she'll become a slug, She sounds like a lamb which is cute for about 10 mins  I can't wait to be able to stroke her without sending her into a made hormonal moment!!

Buddy - Jack Russel Terrier - Inveraray
As I'm new here I thought I'd just tell a few more things about me and mine. It's cold and wet here today so I'm cuddled up with Mun in front of the fire. The snow and ice are still outside and I don't like getting my undercarriage wet and cold. Foxy is sleeping on the sofa, she's my best pal but she is a bit weird. She is supposed to my a German Shepherd but she's a bit of a runt, she says she's petite and elegant. She is also hyper active and sometimes she even drives my nuts. She was here a couple of months before me and was driving the old dog crazy so I was brought in to keep her company. We have so much fun together, Mum says my arrival saved her sanity which I think means she couldn't live without me.Kai is sleeping on the floor. He came a year after us, old Teazle died and Mun just can't stop looking at the rescue website where she saw him needing a new home. He's much older than us, he's eight, and he had been working as a stud dog but his people didn't want him any more. He is a huge yellow bear and makes Foxy look even more of a runt, he is very gentle with the cats and seems to be glued to Mum, he won't let her out of his sight. I think he's scared she might run away and leave him. He is a bit odd, he,s not very good at playing and when he gets a ball he just keeps it in his mouth and won't even let Mum take it off him. She says he has security issues, I say he's a bit of a boring wet blanket. He doesn't even know how to do a sniffing walk or that you're supposed to wander every where when walking in the hills. Strange dog.Dad hasn't been able to get the car up the hill this week so we have been collecting him at night with the quad bike, we wear our flashing led lights and Mum wears her big yellow jacket, we look like the police coming to get him. I ride in my basket until we get to the first field gate then I run down the hill in front of the bike so I'm not in the dark. I'm sure Mum thinks its a good game because she's always waving at me a making shapes with her mouth. Tonight our new waterproof coats should arrive which I'm really excited about. I'll tell you if they're any good next time. 

Simba - Persian - CHELTENHAM
today is a good day for me, nanny came round and because Sheba have decided to stop making the food i like, nanny has been to get a few different meals to see which ones i will like the best. Also i got a packet of treats, chicken sticks i'm a very lucky boy.

Beau - Mixed Breed - Rhaeadr Gwy. Cymru
Festliche schnurrt und guten Wünsche an alle meine sehr lieben Freunde und Besucher ..

Purri - Mixed Breed - Edinburgh
Tried to catch three birds at close:)

Sudden - German Shepherd (tan - Co.Mayo Ireland
My owner has to work until 3pm but boy when she gets back I am so excited. I am hopefully going for a long walk even if it is raining I get walked. I havent done much today except sleep and mind the house for my people... I did chase Carson though!

Thumper - Jack Russel Terrier - Lougjton
Hi all Thanx for taking the time to,read my diary. Just want to let you all know I got my new harness today and it's perfect I feel like I'm top dog. I can even wear it in the car it has it's own seat belt loop. Not sure about the logo though (out of control), never felt more in control when walking out.

Domino - British Shorthair Cat - Merseyside
I have a new friend called Tinka today xx

Charlie - British Shorthair Cat - Merseyside
I ahve a new friend today called Tinka this is great news xx

Sox - British Shorthair Cat - Merseyside
I am now friends with the handsome Lucky xx

Darthvader - British Shorthair Cat - Merseyside
Well had my food at around 8.30 when my mistress awoke. Since then been checking up on the youngsters and relaxing. I do a lot of relaxing at my age I am 19 years old, don't look it do I hahaha

Oscar - Cockapoo - Burton-on-Trent
It was my birthday last Thursday. i was 1. i got a new collar, some rings (rubber ones not finger ones) and some dentastix (which i looooove)! at night i got a sausage and a cup of tea!! it was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pepé - Other Reptile - dundee
hi everyone im pepé im the fiesty one. i love my baths and basking. i like to sleep in slippers when i am out and about.i also have a really unusual shell.

rocco - Other Reptile - dundee
hi im rocco i am very timid and dont like new things, they frighten me. i am very laid back and like relaxing infront of the heater when i get out for my daily "run" i also love my food.

Reo - Siamese - dundee
cats best litter, it certainly is, not only that mum says its really cheap too if she buys it in bulk off zooplus so there is alot more pounds and pennys to spend on me!! i thonk il be demanding a cat tree as its coming up to my birthday 13/05 if any off you want to get me anything. hint hint :)

Jess - British Shorthair Cat - Orpington
Today , I got up , ate , and went and sucked my dads t-shirt, he got a bit angry though as the t-shirt went a bit yellow and i also like to ride around on my dads shoulder.

Henry - Mixed Breed - Littlehampton
Mummy and daddy went to work this morning leaving me a George at home, so we used this time to sleep until they got back, then we had a play fight and caused chaos, then after that we napped, lazy days.

George - Mixed Breed - Littlehampton
Busy day today, had to not only avoid the hoover last night, but had to stand up to the lawnmower today, i told it!!! 

maneesh - Bengal Cat - Bangalore
You might want to consider putting in a camera or two to watch over your pet. The easiest and cheapest (free) option is GotoCamera at, which works with your USB / integrated webcam. The motion detection features could also be used to see which of the dogs is climbing onto the bed / couch in your absence… If you have a caged pet, like an iguana, rabbit, hamster, etc, you could point your webcam at the cage, watch over the pet from school or work, and even share the camera with friends.

Beardie - Amphibian - Irvine
Today i shedded my skin i started to shed yesterday on my stomach and today it has all came off so i now have a lovely new colour and i am now a nice bright yellowish, orange colour. I am so glad its all off now so i am not annoyed by it or stressed out anymore, well until next time i need to shed.

Sian - Irish Horse - prestatyn
Hi well today the weather was nice the snow had gone so i could go for a ride my day started at 7:30am i got fed then i got one hay net i then got my feet picked out. then my owner said good bye so i said hello to the other 15 horses that are in the same stable block as me. Then at 12:30 my owner came up and tired me outside and groomed me and then she took my coat of and then she but my bridal and saddle on me then she got on me and i waited for the other 3 horses then when they came we started to walk we went to a village and had a trot then we went to the woods and we all had a gallop i am sure it was a race well i must of won beacuse i ended up first my owner calls me a race horse beacuse of how fast i am then we got home i had a brush and my feet done then i went in it the field with the other 10 mares then at 8 pm me mum came i got taken to my stable were i had a drink and 3 haynets. i had a good day my mummy says that tommore we are going to have another gallop or a race as i like to call it....

Oscar Wild-Thing - Ragdoll - London
I love the weekends, I get to sleep in with mum and dad all morning, its great, they have a super cosy bed. Mum left me in the afternoon so I had to sleep alone, but its ok she's back now and we get to go to bed again. I LOVE napping with my mum and dad!    

Sooty - Mixed Breed - Leeds
Hi everyone!!Decided to get my owners to let me use the diary so you can find out what I'm up to :) I'm rather happy today, my owners have taken down the christmas tree so I have loads of space again to spread out again. I'd still like to know how that tree grows nice tasty treats in paper shells under that tree that my owners won't let me have until everything has grown and we rip the shells off of them O_o But apart from the tasty treats and the loads of toys the tree grows for me, it really does take up alot of laying down space!!!

Haro - Bengal Cat - Brighton
Mummy submitted my picture to Royal Canin Photo Competition and i won!!! Weeeeeeeeeeee..Mummu says Royal Canin prize will be a year of free supply food!! YUM YUM!! I will be featured in Royal Canin website for a month and in newsletter too!! am i a celebrity now??? I saw alot of other cats trying to flirt with me and i feel so shy.Thanks to mummy for taking care of me with lots of coat supplement and good diet meal! LOVE HER!

LoLa - Persian - Brighton
I really hates water!!! But i know mama is doing it for my own good. Mama says i smells like a cheesestick!! Yesterday my body has unwelcome visitors, mama noticed it that i got few little enemies roaming around my body while mama grooming me. And i know what's going to happen next!! Mama put me in the sink with full of warm water, well! somehow it's a nice feeling but i have to do my part as a cat!! I got a phobia with water i think.. I looked like a rat!! i was surprised that my fur has gone flat and no longer fluffy and beautiful *sob sob*!!.. But mama gave me a blowdry while i sat and looked at her, nice nice nice!! purrrrrrr.. my fur starting to fluff up!! mama is a good hairdresser!! Mama treated me with a good Royal Canin Kitten Jelly food. I can't stop eating and i think i am going to be fat and lazy soon! no way no way!! i still want to looked slim and pretty like mama!! I'm going to purr at mama to get me dietary food, i believe i knows that mama wants the best out of me!! meow meow to all other cats!! meow meowwwwww meooowwwwww...  PS: i overheard mama going to pick up a Male Bengal kitten later tonight! i'm petrified of that cat as he is really naughty and playful, hopefully my new friend (Benga) will let me sleep!!! If not i'm going to hiss at him!! bluek! 

captain jack - British Shorthair Cat - yeovil
Thought it was about time that I spoke to my friends and let them know that I'm fine. In fact life counldn't be better. I've spent most of the winter keeping my feet warm above the heater and now that the warmer days are here I'm enjoying going in and out for walks and playing in the fresh air. I don't enjoy the rain but hey that's what mummy's knees and arms are for to dry me off. I've been on a diet because the vet thought I ought to but Mummy has just found out that I've been visiting the lady across the road and has stopped my midday snack of fresh chicken! I think she's mean but she says its for my own good! I think she's jealous myself but who knows, I really don't understand my owners at all. Last month, on something called Valentines Day, they brought home a small bunny called Edward and said I have to be nice to him. NO WAY! He's small amd smelly and I don't need him so why be nice to him? Answers on a postcard please! Anyway I'm off to pester Edward in the kitchen after all I'm free to roam he's not ha ha, you never know I'm might even blag a treat from Mummy IF I'm good (really I can be good when I want too)

Elwood - Ragamuffin - Bristol
Im too cute to be in any danger, plus my brother will lick him to death, whilst I purr at him.

Jake - Ragamuffin - Bristol
Its a good thing I love my Mummy and Daddy, as they made me wear this silly hat and Jacket. Who is Santa Claws anyway? If he thinks his are sharper than mine, I can see trouble ahead.

Shadow - European Shorthair cat - London
Theres so many fireworks and I am scared. Amy and Spangle are giving me lots of hugs, but I want to be like them, all brave.

Esky - Siberian Husky - Co.Wicklow ireland
One of my Humans just gave me a bath! i dont know why im just going to go outside and get all muddy again

Amber - Mixed Breed - ireland
Met some nice new people today. they are related to my mommy. I was introduced to everyone and was a very good girl. They all loved me as I'm so pretty. meow, meow. chow..

norman - Rabbit - ireland
Its halloween tonight. Busy night with loads of children coming. Hope there's no firecrackers...

pkke - Austrian Pinscher - fujian
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sascha - Labrador Retriever - s
I have just had my first christmas and boy did i get alot of pressents.I got lots of new toys and treats and i had my first christmas and new years dinner which i REALLY enjoyed.All my family (humans) had dog food but i had the full works turkey,veg ,roast potatoes(dreamy)just kidding ,i had to share the turkey with my family (grrrrrrr).My grandma even came to stay and we all had a great christmas.

Rocco - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - basilson,essex
took rocco to park today and had lots of fun with him & my daughters,cant believe how much he likes slides,so funny,bless him.

cin cin - Chinchilla - bucuresti
adasdas asd ada asnew diary

bailey - American Bulldog - chelmsford
my mummy and daddy split up but mummy says i dont need him i have mummy nana and grandad they look after me now mummy got her life back n i got al her attention we go 2 the fields and make mummy chase me i have got big and strong now think mummy finds it harder 2 walk me but mummy says when we move in with steve (my new daddy) he is going 2 take me for long runs i cant wait mummy is alot happier now steves in our lives n i get lots of treats and cuddles especially when steve goes away for work. the last yr have had lots of ups and downs for me and my mummy but the last 5 months just got better and better and im looking forward 2 our new lives

Hank Tiberius - Maine Coon - Leeds
Keep up to date with Hank's progress and antics at    

Honey - Guinea Pig - Basildon
My daughter trying to make her Guinea Pig Famous, if you have time please vote for Honey and her owner Izzy on the boomerang website for greedest pet. It will make her day. Ends 29 August 2009

Silk - American Curl - Bucuresti1

Murphy - Mixed Breed - Somewhere...
I was going mad this afternoon, chasing my catnip mice around the house. I was tired but I didn't stop running, jumping, pouncing, bouncing, and colliding with objects! I chilledc out in the bathtub in the bathroom, and drank the water dripping from the taps in the sink in the kitchen! I'm so mischevious, but nothing will stop me, as I am just so inquisitive (i.e nosy). I leave a pawprint on all your hearts...

Pingu - Mixed Breed - York
he is a mxied bread and is black and white, he's really a softy but can get playful with the kitten he lives with he also motheres the kitten which is quite strange seeing as pingu's a boy. We've had him for a year or so now. He's gorgous and he is so quiet its unbeliveable he is one of the best catts iv ever had. :)

Heather - Guinea Pig - prestatyn
Well today i was eating grass in the run with my sister leah when i saw her saying hello to a black bird

Leah - Guinea Pig - prestatyn
Well Yesterday it was sunny so i went outside in my run in the back garden with Heather my sister. When i was eating grass a Little Young Blackbird came and sat next to the run. and i sat there and said hello to it. it was whistling at me. and i licked it is face. my owner was surprised to she me saying hello to a blackbird from inside my run.

Cleo - Mixed Breed - prestatyn
Today i got up at 8:00am a had my breakfast witch was dry dog food with pork. then i went outside to the loo. and then i ran upstairs to wake my mum up but i ended up falling asleep on her bed. we both woke up at 10:00am and when she was dressed me Lola and Bert. went for a walk at this place were there is a big field and lots of trees we walked throw the trees to the stream i like swimming in the stream the ducks do not seem to mind me swimming there then we played ball on the field. And Lola made a new dog friend Bertie had to stay on the lead beacuse he hates other male dogs. Then when we got home i had a drink and i wemt on the trampoline we my mum. For the rest of the day Lola and Bertie slept as normal. I helped mum put the guinea pigs out on the grass then i did some gardning with my mum well i dug holes. then i had my tea with Lola and Bert. I then had a rest and we went out for are last walk down to the beach i played with Lola and Bert but Bert is to rough with me when he plays with me. then after spending an hour at the beach we went home

Bertie - Schnauzer - prestatyn
Well today i got up at 9:00 i eat my food and went for a walk with my owner and Lola and cleo. i have been outside beacuse the sun is shining i have been down to the shops with my owner.

Boris - Guinea Pig - leicester
My owners have put me into a competition on the orange website called my pet v your pet, im the 7th pet along and up against an alsation called max, please please vote for me through the link below, i really want to win, thanks :-)

Beanie - Mixed Breed - Hitchin
Today; out for a walk with Beanie, I encountered a beautiful,chocolate brown, Collie and Labrador Cross ... Me and my dog were inside an enclosed football pitch - playing with his favourite toys - when that same dog came along... They were greeting one another through the fence when suddenly a pure Collie came along to say 'hello' as well... I heard a young man shouting for 'Max' and he came running along, with a very angry look on his face. He grabbed the dog and put the leash on, but shortly afterwards Max started a fight with the chocolate brown, Collie and Labrador Cross... The dog ran away, leaving the Collie with it's owner; who hit his dog, swearing at him. The owner was fully aware that I saw the whole episode... This makes me so sad... The dog wouldn't fight if he had a good owner (Who'd take it upon himself to train the dog!), a good owner wouldn't abuse his dog. My darling Beanie was beaten as a pup himself... Makes you cry...

MERLIN - Colourpoint - portsmouth
Unusually ,I'm feeling wide awake today. helping my mum on the computer and with her ironing.She's just had to save from the CUPBOARD as i managed to get in while she wasn't looking. Right now I'm having a big cuddle and feeling very sloppy.

SARSHI - Persian - london
sarshi died 10 june 2012 loved my cat so much he was a joy loved him he had a good happy life with me hes gone but i will never forget my little friend bless him

Sekhmet - Maine Coon - Coulsdon
Well, I'm recovering from my 'little operation' and only have a small scar on my tummy.  Now I'm impatient to get outside like my step-sister, Bastet, but that won't be for a few weeks yet.  I keep trying to slip past Mummy but she keeps a close eye on me!

sherbert - Budgerigar - haverfordwest
i havent done much today just sat around i think me & huish are going to have a fly about still not sure weather to come out or not

Huish - Budgerigar - haverfordwest
i hear from sherbert that we might have a fly i think a just pop out...

Benji - Weimaraner - Preston
I have been a bit off colour for a few days so mum took me to the vet, I hate going as they are not very friendly there. First thing they always do is stick a thermometer up my bum, charming welcome, then they poke and prod me everywhere, then comes the needle in the neck, I don't know why we go! Then they took me off mum and took me in the back and stuck a needle in my leg and took some blood out, mum would be furious if she knew! Then they stuck a bandage on to hide it but I took it off as soon as I got home then mum could see. Anyway they rang mum later to say my blood is ok but it appears I have some sort of allergy, I'm not going again!

Tasha - Doberman Pinscher - Preston
Benji wasn't feeling so well today so we all took him to the vet, I had to wait outside in the cold with dad while mum took him in. He took ages and I was shivering as nobody put my coat on today, then when he came out mum had got some worming tablets for me too and I was feeling ok! Mum tried to hide them in my tea but I could smell them but it is easier to eat them than have them pushed down my throat with my mouth held shut. Next time he goes I'm staying at home!

R.I.P Daisy - Mixed Breed - Norfolk
I was all warm ad cozy until charlie woke me up. :(. And then i really had to go to the toilet! So they let me out, and it was raining. Pouring down. But when I wanted to come back in they weren't there! :( :(. About half an hour later they let me in and I was freezing cold and wet. But grandma did dry me up with a towel and gave me a big hug. :)

Charlie - Mixed Breed - Norfolk
I think i was up most of the night, so when i came in, i was half asleep! then lewi wanted me to play with him, so I did, and then I went in my Mum's room and slept and slept and slept! I was so tired!

Lewi - Yorkshire Terrier - Norfolk
Charlie, the cat, plays with me lots, but sometimes I get really playful and start barking like today! Woops! I woke everyone up and they didnt make a 'morning fuss' of me like they normaly do :( .

Bastet - Mixed Breed - Coulsdon
Well, after all the upset of losing my big brother, I now have a new little sister.  She's rather annoying - wants to be the centre of attention, always demanding food and she squeaks a lot.  I suppose it'll be OK, if she minds her manners and doesn't want to sit in my place on the back of the sofa. She's a Maine Coon - a classic tortie tabby - and my humans have called her Sekhmet.  Mummy told me that they can grow to be extremely large so perhaps I had better be nicer to her! 

Skybound Amelia Aerhart (Millie) - Border Collie - Kent
Just been given "time out" in the kitchen for creating a chaos with the rest of the gang :-(

Holly - Labrador Retriever - Accrington
Had my operation two weeks ago, and recovering well. Had a TPLO on my left leg, was very sorry for myself to start but back to my old self now. I think I heard my humans say I had to have the other leg done when this one better but not if I can help it!!!

Pepper - Labrador Retriever - Ipswich
Hi everyone, its my birthday today and I am 5 years old. I got a squeaky dog and a quacky duck - the duck quacks no more hee hee! Still working on the squeaker!! I am going to the seaside later for a quick dip in the sea, and I am going to give my owners the sweetest of looks and see if I can wangle a sausage from the chip shop.

Quinn - Shih Tzu - Kent
Well, I thought I wuld write in this diary and see if anyone actually reads this hehehehe:D I'm a pure bred shih tzu with a wife and 2.5 kids (yeap we have got the typical 2.5 kids ~ Cindy is puny so you cant class her exactly as a whole kid hehehe). My day consists of two walks, play all day, two dinners and a whole load of cuddles and fights (all playful of course). We do actually belong to another dog group that is on the web and if you guys are interested in joining it please feel free in adding us:) My page can be reached by We have belong to that group for about 2 years. I'm a dog that gets dressed up for occasions so please come back and check out my page for halloween and christmas etc ~I like to show off to people. Well I gotto go and spend some tzu loving across the web so I best be going. Take care zoo'ers and sending tzu hugs and kisses your way. Quinn XoXoXO

Here is my new entry - I have settled really well now and cannot remember my life before I was adopted!! (Thank goodness!). My appetite has got much bigger, I am always looking for extra bits!! I love my nose being stroked but still not keen on being cuddled - but I am very partial to bunnie kisses!! Well, got to go and get some bunnie snoozes as I work hard to look this cute!! Bye for now xx

Tiger Lily - Bengal Cat - Suffolk
I just created my account and I am very excited to make new friends! Today I slept a lot and then permitted my owners to play with me. I am currently snuggling them on the sofa.

Kaiser - Doberman Pinscher - york
Today me and my bro Jasper went for a walk down to the riverside in our village stamford bridge and i got lett off the lead because i was good last time but i lovee to run around so i get told off coz i run away and dont ocme back. anyways jasper brought his dummy along and waas playing with it and i ran and ran and ran all the way/ I was a good good boy says katy so i ggot to laze around for the rest of the day.

Mia - Siamese - Wirral
WOW!! I love the garden its the besti get to chase Marpa, go in Charlies kennel, get to play hide and seek and you get to climb. My owner littlemill says that we might be getting a climbing frame!! :)

Mischa - Rat - somerset
well i am completely settled in to my new home. mum is really nice, and always has really nice treats to give me, although i havent been well, and she keeps trying to give me nasty stuff in a syringey thing. unfortunatley, one of the much bigger rats, shadow, doesnt like me and is very mean and keeps picking on me, so mum has put me and my new friend pip in our own cage, which is really nice. Fizz seems nice but mum doesnt want shadow to be by herself, so fizz is still living with shadow. mum is looking for a new cage for us on thursday, so we can ave a nice big cage like shadow and fizz. i am much bigger too, but mum still thinks i ave a pixie face, so i am still getting away with murder, although i am band from downstairs since i escaped into the fire place.

Fizz - Rat - somerset
i am feeling abit down latly shadow doesnt really wanna play as she is feeling under the weather, mum told me off for biting shadow to hard (not that she didnt deserve it, and she cant prove it was me >_

Shadow - Rat - somerset
Well mum is still trying to get me to like mischa, but it just aint gonna happen i dont want No squirt running around the cage, and i am still trying to nurse my bite marks, from when me and fizz had a barny, she won i am sad to say. Plus just to make my month worse i have anti-biotics to take, YUCK!!! but on the upside mum gets some pennys soon, so it is spoiling time WOOP WOOP

Fidget - Guinea Pig - England
I still don't like to be handled and won't sit still to be brushed or have my nails clipped. I also give out a good nip if given the chance but my handlers are fully aware of this having been bitten several times. Fidget was definately a good name for me. I'm not shy with my other cage mates and in fact Ren has to look out now even though she is older than me. I don't stand for her bossing me around any more.

Flash - Guinea Pig - England
I am now well over out outbreak of mites. I was worse than my other two friends and had lost quite a lot of fur on my back. It has now all grown back and I love to have a cuddle.

Ren - Guinea Pig - England
Today we had a new addition in our cage. It was very interesting. We all had a good sniff around it and a chew too of course.

Daisy - Birman Cat - Croydon
Meow Better day today. Went out in the garden and saw Bob. It is a large Estate where I live and there is lots of grass and bushes to hide in. I love it. Purr

Jeronimo - Somali Cat - Southampton
HI Jeronimo, not a moment goes by that I am not thinking of you. I'm so sad that you're gone, it has broken my heart. You were such a big character and brought fun and laughter into the house everyday. Kenzo misses you desperately. I can't believe you are gone, it hurts a lot. YOu were only 6 years old, we could have had another 14 years of love and happiness together, and I feel robbed of this time with you. I miss you my love, and wish that I could hold you in my arms again. Love Mum & Kenzo. xxxxxxx

Bat - European Shorthair cat - Copenhagen S

Tommy - American Pit Bull Terrier - Manchester

Daziy - Jack Russel Terrier - Haarlem

Nina - European Shorthair cat - Richmond

PojPoj - Persian - Richmond

Bob - European Shorthair cat - Richmond

Cora - Burmese Cat - Tallinn

Ginger - Mixed Breed - Galway

Biatton - Pug - Galway

Patric - Scottish Fold - Tartu

Zara - Scottish Fold - Tartu

Oscar - Ferret - hove

Loki - Ferret - hove

Gizmo - Ferret - hove

BEN 10 - Rabbit - LINCOLN



FREDDY - Labrador Retriever - LINCOLN

Ramses - Schnauzer - Estonia Valgamaa Karula v, Kaagjärve k, kanniste t

Bella - Mixed Breed - Norwich

Monty - German Shorthaired Pointer - Norwich

Glottis - Mixed Breed - Ljubljana

Nessie - Mixed Breed - Ljubljana

Elsie - Mixed Breed - Ljubljana

Jack - Mixed Breed - Napoli IT

Neela - Athena (TONKINESE CAT) - Mixed Breed - Hove

Levi - Border Collie - Rochester

wasabi - French Bulldog - Mataro

Lulu - Pug - Tipperary

Anja & Una - Persian - Novi Sad

Buttercup - Hamster - LONDON

Alfie - English Cocker Spaniel - NOTTINGHAM

Olive - Dachshund - Smooth-Haired - hastings

Fox - Mixed Breed - Fishguard

Boots - Mixed Breed - Romford

I'm Leah :) - German Shepherd - Buxton,Derbyshire

Hi my name is TaLLy - German Shepherd - Milton Keynes

Rodney - British Shorthair Cat - Hixon

Ottilie - British Shorthair Cat - St Peter Port

paroquets - Parrot - Bucharest, ROMANIA

Mr Beau Jangles - Bichon Frisé - Grimsby

Marie - Mixed Breed - Simi Valley

Ninoska - British Shorthair Cat - Cheshire

Lucky - Sheltie - Dorking

Chamonix - Mixed Breed - Dublin

Stella - Mixed Breed - Portaloise

Spud - Mixed Breed - Liverpool

Carol Vanni - Shih Tzu - Glasgow

Sooty - Rabbit - Milton Keynes

Tubsy - Rabbit - Milton Keynes

sukie - Ragdoll - GLASGOW

Freddysteady Fluffball - Lhasa Apso - Leeds

Jess - Border Collie - Southampton

Tipzee - Ragdoll - SKEGNESS

Sercha - Chow Chow - SKEGNESS

Topzee - Ragdoll - SKEGNESS

Ozzy - Ragdoll - SKEGNESS

Gizmo - Ragdoll - SKEGNESS

Winnie - Mixed Breed - Durham

Luna - Ragdoll - Preston

Lacey - Dachsund - Long-Haired - Watford

Charlie - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Dolgellau

Poppy - Mixed Breed - Bridge Of Weir

Bella - Mixed Breed - Southend-on-Sea

Sussu - Mixed Breed - hyvinkää

iitu - Dalmatian - hyvinkää

Socks - Mixed Breed - Liverpool

Neo - Mixed Breed - Liverpool

Narla - Mixed Breed - Liverpool

Ajay - Mixed Breed - Liverpool

Roisin - Mixed Breed - Galway

Louis - Bengal Cat - Wrantage

Irad - Canaan Dog - Reading

Ivory - Miniature Schnauzer - Leeds

Jess - British Shorthair Cat - Accrington

Lily - British Shorthair Cat - Accrington

Margo - Persian - Cork

Rocky - Rottweiler - Cork

Casper - Mixed Breed - London

Chloe - Mixed Breed - Scunthorpe

Fuzzy - Mixed Breed - Scunthorpe

Sparkle - Mixed Breed - Scunthorpe

Holly - Mixed Breed - Scunthorpe

Paris - Miniature Pinscher - Scunthorpe

Chipso - Miniature Pinscher - Scunthorpe

Wibble - Rabbit - Brighton

Lola - Miniature Schnauzer - Brighton

Jimi - Golden Retriever - Toronto

Lukie - Mixed Breed - Haverfordwest

DV - Mixed Breed - Haverfordwest

Lucia - Cockatiel - DUBLIN

i m - Abyssinian Cat - new york

Sara - Bombay Cat - Luton

Bailey - Bombay Cat - Luton

Spirgis - Chihuahua (short-haired) - Dublin

Ren - Guinea Pig - Burton-on-Trent

Audrey - West Highland White Terrier - Barcelona

Zeus - American Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Barcelona

Dubh - Bombay Cat - Co Mayo

Zoe - German Shepherd - Co Mayo

Benji - Mixed Breed - Reading

Buttons - Chinchilla - Cardiff

Schnooks - Chinchilla - Cardiff

Gizmo - Chinchilla - Cardiff

Lola - Van Cat - Cardiff

Ares - German Shepherd (tan - Clonmel, Ireland

Charlie - Labradoodle - Glasgow

Kenzo - Ragdoll - London

Roger - Greater Swiss Mountain Dog - Amersham

Master Furcorn - British Shorthair Cat - Kings lynn

Sir Furburt - British Shorthair Cat - Kings lynn

Bruce Wayne - Mixed Breed - Luton

bear - German Spitz - Dwarf - liversedge

missy - Maine Coon - liversedge

puddy - Maine Coon - liversedge

Ruby - Mixed Breed - Bournemouth

NERO - Maine Coon - kirkcaldy

Ice - Alaskan Malamute - manchester

Rambo - Bengal Cat - Northampton

Storm - Bengal Cat - Gartocharn

Odin - Bengal Cat - Gartocharn

Lennox - Boxer - Gartocharn

Freddie - British Shorthair Cat - DURHAM

Tito - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - KILMARNOCK

Cian - Oriental Shorthair - Mountmellick Co.Laois

Carson - Mixed Breed - Co.Mayo Ireland

Benjamin - Mixed Breed - Co.Mayo Ireland

Zanthy - Maine Coon - Watford

Maisie Bella - British Shorthair Cat - liverpool

Robbie - Mixed Breed - Co.Wicklow

Tara - German Shorthaired Pointer - Co.Wicklow

Alakay - Siamese - Dublin

Ben - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - warwickshire

Bengy - Rabbit - Poole

Rob piglet - Guinea Pig - Fife

Finn - English Springer Spaniel - Fife

Olli - English Springer Spaniel - Fife

Ben - Labrador Retriever - Fife

scooby - Spaniel - Weybridge

Speedy - Persian - glasgow

Bax - Rabbit - Harrogate

Bailey - German Shepherd - Harrogate

Bearded Dragon - Iguana - Bedfordshire

Frankie - Mixed Breed - buckinghamshire

Oscar - English Cocker Spaniel - Dublin

Duke - Labrador Retriever - Dublin

Bentley - Labrador Retriever - OLDHAM

Abra - British Shorthair Cat - dublin

Binky - British Shorthair Cat - London

Bippan - Bengal Cat - London

Rys - British Shorthair Cat - London

Mika - British Shorthair Cat - London

Poppy - Mixed Breed - London

Tilda - Abyssinian Cat - bristol

ming - Manx - leicester

Bobby - Poodle - Small/Medium - Retford

Captain Jack Sparrow - Hamster - Cardiff

Brûlée - Somali Cat - Southampton

Keko - Rabbit - Pontefract

Bellini - Somali Cat - Southampton

tomas - Mixed Breed - Doncaster

daisy-mae - Mixed Breed - Doncaster

billie-bob - Mixed Breed - Doncaster

juke - St. Bernard - leeds

Bambino Summermagic - Bengal Cat - Gillingham

alex - Siberian Husky - london

Butch - Labrador Retriever - Dudley

Orion - Bengal Cat - Plymouth

Cosmo - Bengal Cat - Plymouth

Frankenstein - Mixed Breed - Pontefract

Andrei Iulici - European Shorthair cat - Bucharest

Mina - Mixed Breed - Belmullet

Anubis - Sphynx Cat - cheltenham

cleo - Sphynx Cat - cheltenham

lilliane - Sphynx Cat - cheltenham

Mowglei - Sphynx Cat - cheltenham

Rocky - Greyhound - East Kilbride

Huck - Gordon Setter - Now living in France

Ollie - British Shorthair Cat - Ryde

Mikucis - Mixed Breed - Belmullet

tillie - British Shorthair Cat - bradford

poppie - British Shorthair Cat - bradford

Ylvi - European Shorthair cat - Wien (Österreich)

Yeti - British Shorthair Cat - Wien (Österreich)

Smarty - European Shorthair cat - Wien (Österreich)

Button - Mixed Breed - ABERDEEN

Freckles - English Springer Spaniel - Waterford City

Harriet - English Springer Spaniel - South Shields

jade - Abyssinian Cat - taxes

Alfredo - Mixed Breed - Porto

kenny - Beagle - devon

KARLA - American Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Barcelona Spain

Tommy - Dachsund - Long-Haired - Laois

Dyzio - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Dublin

Stefan - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Dublin

Ava - Chihuahua (long-haired) - Aberdeen

tinkerbell - Mixed Breed - Glasgow

Misty - Hamster - Weston

Eska - Rat - Gorey

Micka - Mixed Breed - Gorey

Draga - Jack Russel Terrier - Gorey

Albina - Rat - Örebro SWEDEN

Isadora - Rat - Örebro SWEDEN

Greta - Rat - Örebro SWEDEN

Pandora - Rat - Örebro SWEDEN

crunchie - Mixed Breed - kettering

Mausi - Mixed Breed - AMSTERDAM

Josie - British Shorthair Cat - Orpington

Sophie - British Shorthair Cat - London

Oscar - British Shorthair Cat - Orpington

Matthius - Maine Coon - London

Poppy - Mixed Breed - Kent

Billy - Mixed Breed - Kent

GundiBear - Mixed Breed - Kent

Kyra - Labrador Retriever - Ireland

Dexter - Tibetan Terrier - Corringham

Cocoa - Cairn Terrier - Abingdon

Garbo - Siamese - Kirkwood, United States of America

Mabel - Shih Tzu - Abingdon

Diesel - Collie - Birmingham

Ace - Mixed Breed - Derby

Luffy - Mixed Breed - Derby

Lily - Bengal Cat - Derby

Remador Salvatella - Andalusian horse - Southampton

Ulrica Cornelian - Cornish Rex - Wisbech

Beauty Agnus - Cornish Rex - Wisbech

,Kobi, blue, - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - warrington

Princess dolcie - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - warrington

Tesla - Mixed Breed - Preston

bubbles - Other Fish - dublin

dazz - West Highland White Terrier - london

Hopkins - Mixed Breed - Ireland

Ghost - German Shepherd - Ireland

Buddy - Jack Russel Terrier - Waltham Abbey

Louis - Yorkshire Terrier - Virum

Laika - Doberman Pinscher - Albertslund

Layla - Jack Russel Terrier - london

Ben - Labrador Retriever - dublin

Teal'c - Chihuahua (long-haired) - dublin

Archie - Mixed Breed - Ireland

Princess - Siamese - Birmingham

Misty - Siamese - Birmingham

Mr Meeko - Siamese - Birmingham

Nuga - Mixed Breed - Haarlev

George - Rat - swansea

Demi - Maine Coon - Copenhagen S

Jack - Mixed Breed - Llanelli

Purdy - Norwegian Forest Cat - Llanelli

Charley - Ragdoll - Llanelli

Amelia - British Shorthair Cat - Llanelli

Safi - Siamese - Llanelli

Kat - British Shorthair Cat - Llanelli

Jensen - Mixed Breed - Llanelli

Bailey - Persian - London

Allegra - Persian - London

Oscar - Hamster - Cardiff

Maisie-Moo - Hamster - Cardiff

Tuffy. - Hamster - Fife

Marley - Hamster - West Lothian

Hammie :] - Hamster - Fife

Nibbles - Hamster - Fife

Ling Ling - Hamster - Fife

Jerry - Hamster - Fife

Monster - Hamster - Fife

Misty - Hamster - Fife

Chip - Guinea Pig - Leeds

Shinju - Akita Inu - Kingscourt

Lavender - Guinea Pig - yeovil

Buttercup - Guinea Pig - yeovil

Nova - Rat - Aberdeen

Splinter - Rat - Aberdeen

Whiskey - Rat - Aberdeen

Millicent - Mixed Breed - Bristol

Madison - Mixed Breed - Bristol

tomi - Mixed Breed - Kranj Slovenija

Kira - Siamese - Salinas(Alicante)

CC - Hamster - London

Spangle - European Shorthair cat - London

Hurley - Labrador Retriever - Dublin

Brandy - Guinea Pig - st albans

Apricot - Guinea Pig - st albans

Bobby - Mixed Breed - st albans

Henry - Basset Hound - Scotland

love - Aidi - usa

khan jay - Doberman Pinscher - bury st edmunds

Baby Dave - European Shorthair cat - Sheffield

sandy - Other Fish - south wales

lilly - Sphynx Cat - manchester

mickey - Other Small Animal - manchester

meg - Other Small Animal - manchester

edward - Guinea Pig - manchester

john - Guinea Pig - manchester

Chilli - Maine Coon - Glasgow

Dexter - Maine Coon - Glasgow

Vanilla - Hamster - Gwent

Pringle - Hamster - Gwent

Fudge - Rabbit - Gwent

Cookie - Rabbit - Gwent

Gracie - Rabbit - Gwent

Skittles - Guinea Pig - Gwent

Tizzy - Guinea Pig - Gwent

Crystal - Guinea Pig - Gwent

Chloe - Guinea Pig - Gwent

Tess - Labrador Retriever - Oxford

Tom - English Thoroughbred - Oxford

Lucy - Maltese - Maghera

ugoboy - American Bulldog - dakar

Tink - Mixed Breed - England

Ugoboy - Afghan Hound - Dakar

Dax - Dachshund - Smooth-Haired - portsmouth

wiggles - Norwegian Forest Cat - eastbourne

Gracie Lou - Dachsund - Long-Haired - crawley

Sam - Dachsund - Long-Haired - crawley

woody - Mixed Breed - kettering

Minka - Russian Blue - London

Sacha - Norwegian Forest Cat - Brighton

BORISZ - Snowshoe - Brighton

Taz - Mixed Breed - blackburn

Prince - Mixed Breed - oxford

Neo - Bengal Cat - oxford

PATCHY - Boxer - bristol

Pinky - Akbash Dog - Pune

Friends - Akita Inu - test

Friends - Mouse - Pune

test - Alaskan Malamute - test

Susi - Ferret - test

Austin - Toy Poodle - Pune

charlie - Labrador Retriever - st athan

Ben - Rabbit - Canterbury

SOX - British Shorthair Cat - durham

Vetunia - Guinea Pig - Canterbury

Gus - Guinea Pig - Canterbury

Freddy - British Shorthair Cat - Canterbury

Cleo - British Shorthair Cat - Canterbury

Lovely Horses - Friesian - London

Carlito - Siberian Husky - Manchester

buns - Rabbit - airdale

Sheba - Mixed Breed - GLASGOW

Chloe - Mixed Breed - GLASGOW

alex - Affenpinscher - bucuresti

Cobalt - Maine Coon - Limerick

Ana - Oriental Shorthair - Leeds

Layla - Siamese - Leeds

boa - Snake - dunfermline

burm - Snake - dunfermline

cane toad - Amphibian - dunfermline

baby corn - Snake - dunfermline

3FT-BOSC - Other Reptile - dunfermline

Elektra Colins Garden - Maine Coon - Limerick, Ireland

Milamurbengals Amazonka - Bengal Cat - Lappeenranta

smart - Akbash Dog - abidjan

dods - Beagle-Harrier - abidjan

Jack - Rabbit - Glasgow

Ashanti - Rabbit - Glasgow

Breagh - Rabbit - Glasgow

Ozzi - Rabbit - Glasgow

Chelsea - Rabbit - Glasgow

Kyra - Rabbit - Glasgow

Baloo - Rabbit - Glasgow

Minky - Rabbit - Glasgow

Dylan - Rabbit - Glasgow

Ellie - Rabbit - Glasgow

Freddie - Rabbit - Glasgow

Harley - Rabbit - Glasgow

Evie - Hamster - Glasgow

Roxy - Budgerigar - prestatyn

Lionel - Greyhound - Cambridgeshire

Summer - Greyhound - Cambridgeshire

Lyra - Norwegian Forest Cat - MANCHESTER

Odin - Norwegian Forest Cat - MANCHESTER

Luisin - Ratonero - La Felguera

Michael Jackson & Freddy Mercury - Guinea Pig - Torino-Italy

Zara - Segugio Italiano - Torino-Italy

Cassandra - Pointer - Torino-Italy

Achilleas - Mixed Breed - Torino-Italy

Remo - Somali Cat - Southampton

Taco - Degu - London

Cheech - Degu - London

Bender - Bengal Cat - London

Nala - Rabbit - newcastle upon tyne

Midnight - Rabbit - newcastle upon tyne

George - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - newcastle upon tyne

Bruno - Shar Pei - newcastle upon tyne

Pumpkin - Mixed Breed - brighton

Brogan - Great Dane - Limerick, Ireland

Milo - Maine Coon - London

CLEO - Great Dane - Limerick, Ireland

Dexter - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Dunbeath

KULKA - Mixed Breed - London

aMBER - Mixed Breed - London

Moses - Mixed Breed - Bimingham

Yatzy - Mixed Breed - Limerick

Tola - Maine Coon - Limerick

Jill - Maine Coon - Limerick

Milamurbengals Samurai - Bengal Cat - Lappeenranta

Colleen's kittens - Mixed Breed - Aberdeen

DORRY - British Shorthair Cat - BURY

Benson - Great Dane - Limerick, Ireland

Bella - Great Dane - Limerick, Ireland

Nero - Great Dane - Limerick, Ireland

Blossom - Great Dane - Limerick, Ireland

Lily - Bengal Cat - Newport

Leo - Bengal Cat - Newport

Barclay - Labrador Retriever - Aboyne

Kanpur Simply Knockout - Bengal Cat - Lappeenranta

I.C.Spots Jungle Fantasy - Bengal Cat - Lappeenranta

Boogie - Parson Russel Terrier - Tunbridge Wells

Leyla - Doberman Pinscher - Kiel

James - Greyhound - SLOVENIA

Simba - Persian - Næstved

Houdini - Mixed Breed - Næstved

Plet - Mixed Breed - Næstved

Lille Skid - Persian - Næstved

diablo - American Staffordshire Bull Terrier - herlev

Rosie - Mixed Breed - Norwich

Monti - Mixed Breed - Norwich

Ginny - Labyrinth Fish/Anabantoid - London

Jasper - Havanese - Wallasey

Milamurbegals Onni - Bengal Cat - Lappeenranta

Milamurbengals Hope - Bengal Cat - Lappeenranta

Enigma - Maine Coon - Aalborg SV

Chocolate - Hamster - London

Goldmine - Other Fish - London

Rouge - Other Fish - London

Pearly - Other Fish - London

Sirius, Albus and Severus - Catfish (other) - London

Aurum - Other Fish - London

Hermione - Labyrinth Fish/Anabantoid - London

Ron - Labyrinth Fish/Anabantoid - London

Harry - Labyrinth Fish/Anabantoid - London

patch - Patterdale Terrier - nottinghamshire

Logan - Siberian Husky - Dublin

Mia - Mixed Breed - Cabinteely, Co Dublin, Ireland

SMILLA - Icelandic Sheepdog - Frederikshavn

skipper - Other Fish - united kingdom

kyle - Other Fish - united kingdom

jeremy - Other Fish - united kingdom

buffy - Golden Retriever - united kingdom

Peter Williams - Rabbit - Seattle

Buzz - Other Fish - prestatyn

Topaz - Mixed Breed - Somewhere...

Tigger - Mixed Breed - Somewhere...

Lou - Budgerigar - prestatyn

Chelsea - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Wolverhampton

Daisy - Cockatiel - MIDDLESEX

Kerri - Cockatiel - MIDDLESEX

Lilly - Cockatiel - MIDDLESEX

Reggie - Cockatiel - MIDDLESEX

GIPSY - Maine Coon - Haderup

Nesha - Mixed Breed - Berlin

Hooch - Mixed Breed - Arklow, Ireland

Indy - Birman Cat - Arklow, Ireland

Jazz - Birman Cat - Arklow, Ireland

Crunch - Chinchilla - Devon

Salem - Mixed Breed - Brighton

Athena - Labrador Retriever - Ljubljana

Pixel - British Shorthair Cat - Dundalk,Ireland

Mango - Mixed Breed - Liverpool

Olimar - Mixed Breed - Liverpool

Cola - Mixed Breed - York

Maxwell - Mixed Breed - Crawley, Sussex

Monty - Jack Russel Terrier - Crawley, Sussex

Sasha - German Shepherd - newcastle upon tyne

Enzo - German Shepherd - newcastle upon tyne

Citrus - Budgerigar - Hartlepool

Minty - Budgerigar - Hartlepool

Snowflake - Budgerigar - Hartlepool

Yellow - Agamid - Hartlepool

Unas - Snake - Hartlepool

Sinh(y) - Other Reptile - Hartlepool

Cosh(u) - Other Reptile - Hartlepool

Yazoo - Cockatiel - Hartlepool

Rocket - Cockatiel - Hartlepool

Scooter - Parrot - Hartlepool

Yo-yo - Parrot - Hartlepool

Whiskey - Other Bird - Hartlepool

Black-Lava - Rat - Hartlepool

Flump - Chinchilla - Hartlepool

Sprinkles - Other Small Animal - Hartlepool

Tumbles - Rabbit - Hartlepool

Noodles - Ferret - Hartlepool

Marmite - Ferret - Hartlepool

Marmalade - Ferret - Hartlepool

Isa - Persian - Hartlepool

Merlin - Mixed Breed - Hartlepool

Anuket - Sphynx Cat - Hartlepool

Thai - Yorkshire Terrier - Hartlepool

Jasper - Akita Inu - Hartlepool

Marvin - Mixed Breed - WELLS

Holly - Guinea Pig - prestatyn

Lola - Schnauzer - prestatyn

Crunchy - Guinea Pig - prestatyn

Reggie - Guinea Pig - prestatyn

Dizzee - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Thame

Squeak - Mixed Breed - Scunthorpe

Hannibal Lecter - Siamese - Suffolk

Bubble - Mixed Breed - Scunthorpe

Suki Nurdle Bramwell - Mixed Breed - London

Oblio - Bengal Cat - Derbyshire

Nanook - Burmese Cat - Derbyshire

Nermul - Burmese Cat - Derbyshire

mufi - Rabbit - Bucharest

Lacey - Rabbit - Wales

Poppit - Rabbit - Wales

Fudge - Hamster - calisle

Lady - Chinese Crested Dog - Powderpuff - London

kitty kat - European Shorthair cat - Bucharest

Harry - Mixed Breed - Worthing West Sussex

Tiger - Mixed Breed - Esbjerg

YOKO - Other Bird - crewe

Sky - Mixed Breed - Cobham

Hattie - Norwegian Forest Cat - Cobham

Lucky - Chinese Crested Dog - Powderpuff - London

Surtsey's A-Ásti - Icelandic Sheepdog - Herfølge - Denmark

Surtsey's Mökkvi - Icelandic Sheepdog - Herfølge - Denmark

Gabi - Maine Coon - Limerick, Irlandia

Jake - British Shorthair Cat - St. Austell

Poju - Poodle Cat (Pudelkatze) - Helsinki

Jussi - Mixed Breed - Helsinki

Cazper - Mixed Breed - portsmouth

oscar - Border Collie - sheerness

Patch - Mixed Breed - Croydon

Stewie - Mixed Breed - London

Basil - Boxer - BROMLEY

CHIP - Lurcher - BROMLEY

chico - Chihuahua (short-haired) - sussex

Susie - Labrador Retriever - Doncaster

fish - Catfish (other) - birkenhead

angus - West Highland White Terrier - birkenhead

georgina - Turtle - birkenhead

echo - Border Collie - sussex

Millie - Jack Russel Terrier - Dibden Purlieu

Guppies - Other Fish - Gosport

Fizz - European Shorthair cat - Gosport

frazier - Pyrenean Mountain Dog - newport

Daphne - Other Reptile - London

Dimaggio - Norwegian Forest Cat - london

Slix - Mixed Breed - london

Mapu - Norwegian Forest Cat - london

SHEBA - Border Collie - FAREHAM

Misha - Bullmastiff - Burgess Hill

Bethan - Poodle (Large/Standard) - Coventry

Loki - Alaskan Malamute - BUCKS

Lily - Mixed Breed - ireland

Oskar - Mixed Breed - ireland

Jade - Mixed Breed - ireland

Jasper - Mixed Breed - ireland

HOPE - Colourpoint - portsmouth

Arnie - German Shepherd - Hereford

TAZ - German Shepherd - Hereford

Pebbles - European Shorthair cat - Bimingham

Bambam - European Shorthair cat - Bimingham

Misty - European Shorthair cat - Bimingham

Tallulah - European Shorthair cat - Bimingham

Lily and Alma - Other Small Animal - Gosport

Martha - European Shorthair cat - Gosport

Mary - European Shorthair cat - Gosport

Monty - Exotic Shorthair Cat - Merseyside

Jasper - Golden Retriever - St.Austell

Poppy - English Springer Spaniel - St.Austell

Hero - Dachshund - Smooth-Haired - New Ollerton

Fidget - Guinea Pig - Burton-on-trent

Butters - Guinea Pig - Hull

George - Guinea Pig - Hull

Smudger - Mixed Breed - london

Gimpch - Oriental Shorthair - london

Tiger Prawn - British Shorthair Cat - london

Multi National - English Thoroughbred - london

Ruby - Beagle - East Sussex

Chaz - Border Collie - sussex

mack - Border Collie - sussex

Herbie - Mixed Breed - St Albans

Tilly Milly Mole - Hamster - Portsmouth

Rugster - Hamster - Portsmouth

Hugster - Hamster - Portsmouth

Smudger - Guinea Pig - Portsmouth

Errol - Guinea Pig - Portsmouth

Daisy - Mixed Breed - Portsmouth

Lily - British Shorthair Cat - Portsmouth

Holly - Exotic Shorthair Cat - Portsmouth

Chiko - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - Dunbeath


Kato - British Shorthair Cat - manchester

Hatsumi - British Shorthair Cat - manchester

Merlin - Labrador Retriever - Ipswich

Mojo - Dachshund - Smooth-Haired - Orpington

XENA - Persian - Alicante

YinYang - Rabbit - Sheffield

Autumn - Rabbit - Sheffield

Kitty - Mixed Breed - Nottingham

MOLLY - Bichon Frisé - PRESTON

ken - Loach - haverfordwest

zak - Collie - burton-on-trent

Gizmo - Mixed Breed - Bacup

Slinky Spring - British Shorthair Cat - Bacup

Disney - British Shorthair Cat - Bacup

Maus - Norwegian Forest Cat - Bacup

Freya - Norwegian Forest Cat - Bacup

Tom - Norwegian Forest Cat - Bacup

STELLA - Bullterrier - plymouyh



Charlie - Rabbit - Glasgow

Tristan - European Shorthair cat - Winchester

Maxi - Border Terrier - Hemel Hempstead

Bertie - Poodle - Small/Medium - Carshalton Beeches

Louis - Poodle - Small/Medium - Carshalton Beeches

Millie - British Shorthair Cat - Swindon

Amber - British Shorthair Cat - Swindon

Trixxy - British Shorthair Cat - Swindon

pepper - Guinea Pig - Burton-on-trent

flash - Guinea Pig - Burton-on-trent

Daisy - German Shepherd - Fishguard

Hamper - Hamster - Ipswich

Winston - Rabbit - Livingston

Robbie - Greyhound - Livingston

Bertie - Greyhound - Livingston

Maia - German Shepherd - Carronshore, Falkirk

kara - Labrador Retriever - Ipswich

Barney - Collie - Bradford

JOE - Labrador Retriever - HOLMFIRTH

McCoy - British Shorthair Cat - Andover

Josie - British Shorthair Cat - Andover

Misty - British Shorthair Cat - Andover

Lucy - British Shorthair Cat - Newcastle

JJ - Degu - preston

Blossom and Basil - Mixed Breed - london

Floyd - Norwegian Forest Cat - Rochdale

Jodi - Flat-Coated Retriever - Clacton on Sea

Lolly - Norwegian Forest Cat - Rochdale

Loki - Norwegian Forest Cat - Rochdale

hoshi and lenor - Degu - sunderland

Prada - Mixed Breed - Somerst

Scratch - British Shorthair Cat - sunderland

Flower - British Shorthair Cat - sunderland

Harold - Other Reptile - sunderland

Maggie - Scottish Fold - Glasgow

Molly - Scottish Fold - Glasgow

Archie - Jack Russel Terrier - Glasgow

Jerry - English Springer Spaniel - Kidderminster

Bailey - Mixed Breed - Manchester

Fizz - Greyhound - WEDNESBURY

Barney - Mixed Breed - Lechlade

Karhu - Finnish Lapphund (Lapinkoira) - Espoo

Kettu - Finnish Lapphund (Lapinkoira) - Espoo

Tara - Mixed Breed - Espoo

Nemo - Mixed Breed - Espoo

Loki - Weimaraner - North Queensferry

Dusty - Mixed Breed - Cheshire

Rosie - Maine Coon - Cheshire

Fizz - Maine Coon - Cheshire

Monty - Maine Coon - Cheshire

Bella - Mixed Breed - Cheshire

Lucy - Dachshund - Smooth-Haired - slough

Molly - Dachshund - Smooth-Haired - slough

Scooby - Mixed Breed - Wingate

Fern - Flat-Coated Retriever - Maidstone

Rocky - Norwegian Forest Cat - Herning

Dylan - Belgian Shepherd Dog (Groenendael) - MACDUFF

Ole - Labrador Retriever - Crewe

mr scruff - Rat - Darlington

Sweep - Greyhound - Cheltenham

Lucy - Bengal Cat - Woodside

Mel Mel - Mixed Breed - London

Jodie - German Shepherd - Milton Keynes

spyro - Cockatiel - york

Jazz - Border Collie - St Austell

Trigger - Border Collie - St Austell

Jessie - Border Collie - Shawbury

Monty - Doberman Pinscher - BOSTON

izzie - King Charles Spaniel - derbyshire



pepsi - Boxer - Godstone

Pippin - Mixed Breed - Preston

Bracken - Mixed Breed - Preston

Rufus - British Shorthair Cat - Sway

Harvey - British Shorthair Cat - Sway

Fudge - Mixed Breed - Bournemouth

Cass - Mixed Breed - Trowbridge

Feather - British Shorthair Cat - Doncaster

annie - Beagle - romford

Misty - Mixed Breed - Kent

Westirene Bonnie Prince (Trooper) - Border Collie - Kent

Westirene Saxony Mist (Barney) - Border Collie - Kent

Arnpriors Charly Girl (Grace) - Border Collie - Kent

Arnpriors Fields Of Gold (Summer) - Border Collie - Kent

Gerri - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - Stirling

Leon - Russian Blue - London

Tao - Korat - London

splodge - Rat - Darlington

Baxter - Collie - Darlington

Mistress of Inverbrinny - Labrador Retriever - Redhill

scooby - Other Small Animal - york

scrappy - Other Small Animal - york

KT - Spaniel - somerset

chicken pie - Other Bird - mersyside

Alidix - British Shorthair Cat - BEDFORD

Dash - Mixed Breed - Manchester

Holly - West Highland White Terrier - cobham

Tabby - British Shorthair Cat - London

Socky - British Shorthair Cat - London

Kessy - Mixed Breed - Scotland

Alfie - Shih Tzu - Kent

Cinderelly - Shih Tzu - Kent

Winnie - Shih Tzu - Kent

Flippy - Shih Tzu - Kent

Beauty - Mixed Breed - Glasgow

Boo - Mixed Breed - Manchester

Nessy - Turtle - Glasgow

Scarab - Turtle - Glasgow

Doyle - Turtle - Glasgow

Bodie - Turtle - Glasgow

Saphie - Mixed Breed - cambridge

SNICKERS - Mixed Breed - Glasgow


STORM - Siberian Husky - Glasgow

chiken korma - Other Bird - mersyside

fishy lola - Other Fish - mersyside

rabbit - Rabbit - mersyside

Sebastian and Peter RIP - Rabbit - Nottingham

Ruben - Mixed Breed - Nottingham

BILLY - Guinea Pig - SPILSBY


Jilly RIP - Gecko - Nottingham

Tyler - Mixed Breed - London

CHICKEN NUGGET - Other Bird - mersyside

Zoe - Australian Kelpie - Coatbridge

Bella - British Shorthair Cat - Nottingham

Jack - British Shorthair Cat - Nottingham

Millie - British Shorthair Cat - Nottingham

Mowzer & Macavity - European Shorthair cat - Worthing

Milly - Labradoodle - Kibworth

MARMITE - Mixed Breed - LONDON

DARTH - Mixed Breed - LONDON

Betty Boop - Japanese Chin - Milton Keynes

ENNIS ROSE - Greyhound - Coatbridge

George RIP - Rabbit - Nottingham

Murphy - Ragdoll - Surrey

Pippa - British Shorthair Cat - Nottingham

izzie - King Charles Spaniel - derbyshire

diesel - Bengal Cat - telford

Simba - Rhodesian Ridgeback - Burnley

Lenore - British Shorthair Cat - London

dylan - Labrador Retriever - kilgetty

pheobe - European Shorthair cat - kilgetty

bluebelle - British Shorthair Cat - kilgetty

Cleopatra - Abyssinian Cat - London

poppy - British Shorthair Cat - kilgetty

Gizmo - Mixed Breed - york

Chad - Mixed Breed - Slough

Codey - Mixed Breed - Slough

Dillon - Labrador Retriever - England

small animals - Hamster - Kendal

Minnie - Labrador Retriever - loughborough

Syimba - Maine Coon - England

Ren - Guinea Pig - Burton-on-trent

Jasper - Border Terrier - york

Tiger - Mixed Breed - England

Cracker - Bichon Frisé - Wormit

Rio - Hamster - Wirral

Pip - Norfolk Terrier - Wirral

Charlie - Mixed Breed - Wirral

Tina - Greyhound - Dalton-in-Furness

Marpa - Oriental Shorthair - Wirral

Bobbin x - Maine Coon - England

Willow - British Shorthair Cat - Sway

Sophie - Rabbit - Edinburgh

Buffy - Cockatiel - Derby

Buddy - Labrador Retriever - Wakefield

Ben - Labrador Retriever - Wakefield

Kizzy - British Shorthair Cat - Milton Keynes

Cassie - Boxer - Southampton

Max - Doberman Pinscher - Wolverhampton

holly - Labrador Retriever - whitland

Rascal - Persian - Calne

lADY - Border Collie - Charnock Richard

Sasquatch - British Shorthair Cat - Milton Keynes

alfie - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - derbyshire

Jade - British Shorthair Cat - Milton Keynes

muffin - British Shorthair Cat - essex

mittens - British Shorthair Cat - essex

Jasper - Spaniel - Kidderminster

Howie - Greyhound - Halifax

Katie - Mixed Breed - Nottingham

Magik - Mixed Breed - Nottingham

Jake - Mixed Breed - Nottingham

Chester - Rabbit - Nottingham

Lucy - Rabbit - Nottingham

Benny - Snake - Nottingham

JD - Snake - Nottingham

Amy - Gecko - Nottingham

Cleo - Gecko - Nottingham

peaches bonniface - Mixed Breed - Peterlee

Jack - Gecko - Nottingham

Chickens - Other Bird - Hatfield Peverel

Indiana - Mixed Breed - Castleford

Gizmo - Mixed Breed - Castleford

Smeagol - Mixed Breed - Llandysul

Marmite - Mixed Breed - Llandysul

Batfink - Mixed Breed - Llandysul

JD - Jack Russel Terrier - lincoln

sophie - Mixed Breed - stockton

murphy - Mixed Breed - chesterfield

Nina - Mixed Breed - High Wycombe

Freddie - Mixed Breed - High Wycombe

Leo - Mouse - somerset

Taz - Mouse - somerset

Casper - Mouse - somerset

Harvey - St. Bernard - Warwickshire

Pip - Rat - somerset

Fishies - Other Fish - Goole

Louie - Bengal Cat - Edinburgh

Tia - Bengal Cat - Edinburgh

Bailey - Newfoundland - suffolk

Ben - Other Reptile - St Andrews

Floppy - Rabbit - St Andrews

Patch - Rabbit - St Andrews

Buster - Mixed Breed - suffolk

Pepper (In loving memory) - Guinea Pig - England

Gloop - Parrot - Weymouth

Bandit - Alaskan Malamute - Weymouth

Truffle - Guinea Pig - Goole

Izzy - Mixed Breed - suffolk

Kisa - Guinea Pig - Goole

OSCAR Y - English Cocker Spaniel - marske-by-sea

Kagura - Guinea Pig - Goole

Barnaby - Rabbit - Goole

Gideon - Mixed Breed - Newcastle upon Tyne

Tyler - Rabbit - Goole

Ollie - Labrador Retriever - Bridgend

Blue - Mixed Breed - Somerst

Daffodil - Rabbit - Goole

Fishies! - Other Fish - Basingstoke

Jazz - Border Collie - Crowthorne

Ferdinand - Mixed Breed - Castleford

Ollie - British Shorthair Cat - Kirkwall, Orkney

Delilah - Burmese Cat - Belfast

Zanzibar and Delilah - Burmese Cat - Belfast

Lexie - Mixed Breed - Loughborough

Pixie - Greyhound - Weymouth

Fantom - Greyhound - Weymouth

Flora - Greyhound - Weymouth

Martin McGuinea-Pig - Guinea Pig - liverpool

Zoro - Rabbit - Basingstoke

Ambrocious - Rabbit - Basingstoke

Scarlett - Mixed Breed - London

Max - German Shepherd - llanelli

Zola - Ferret - copenhagen

Rylle - Mixed Breed - Kastrup - Denmark

Luffe - Mixed Breed - Kastrup - Denmark

Bertie - Irish Setter - London

MOGGY - Mixed Breed - Crediton, Mid Devon

Frankie - Jack Russel Terrier - london

Jet - Greyhound - Dalton-in-Furness

Diesel - Staffordshire Bull Terrier - london

Frank (In loving memory) - Guinea Pig - Hull

alfred - Lurcher - london

Sandie - Guinea Pig - Ipswich

Beautie - Mixed Breed - Ipswich

Lady - Mixed Breed - Ipswich

Copper - Mixed Breed - Ipswich

Tabitha - Guinea Pig - Ipswich

Tilly - English Springer Spaniel - bedale

Molly - Labrador Retriever - Ipswich

Sockz - Mixed Breed - Ipswich

Harvey - English Springer Spaniel - Waterlooville

Tiddalls - Mixed Breed - Ipswich

Misty - Bengal Cat - Chadwell St Mary

Star - Bengal Cat - Chadwell St Mary

Buckbeak Malaysian Serama - Other Bird - Pailton

Smudge - Mixed Breed - Ipswich

Milan - Doberman Pinscher - london

Furious - Weimaraner - Isle of Man

Sille - Mixed Breed - Kastrup - Denmark

Garfeline - Mixed Breed - Kastrup - Denmark

Rocco - Maine Coon - London

Rio - Doberman Pinscher - london

Kira - Rottweiler - Luton

Buttons - Mixed Breed - Worlingham

Haze - Newfoundland - Hatfield Peverel

megan - Bernese Mountain Dog - STRAITON

lola - Persian - sheffield

arthur - Hamster - STRAITON

lacey - Persian - sheffield

leonardo - Persian - sheffield

Don Raphaello - Hanoverian Horse - Southampton

rupert - Persian - sheffield

Toby - Mixed Breed - Southampton

Kenzo (Lucio von Thalkleinich) - Somali Cat - Southampton

Dylan - Labrador Retriever - Peterborough

Mr. Snuggles - Persian - Norwich

Sherbert - American Bobtail Shorthair - Hemel Hempstead

Nova - Labrador Retriever - Copenhagen

poppy - Japanese Chin - newcastle upon tyne

Panda - British Shorthair Cat - London

salem - British Shorthair Cat - newcastle upon tyne


Sydney - Doberman Pinscher - london

Dylan - Beagle - COLCHESTER



Professor Bimble - Bengal Cat - Brighton

Crumble - Bengal Cat - Brighton

cookie - Rabbit - CHOLSEY

Lizzie - Whippet - Driffield

Sparky - Mixed Breed - Aylesbury

Bea - British Shorthair Cat - Oxford

Sid - British Shorthair Cat - Oxford

salome & jezebel - Burmese Cat - Leamington Spa

Buddy - Mixed Breed - Aylesbury

blue - Whippet - heywood

Geri - British Shorthair Cat - Oxford

Kissa - Mixed Breed - Aylesbury

jacob - Whippet - LEEDS

Sammie - Mixed Breed - Tullibody