ziggy's Diary

Name: ziggy
Breed: Other Horse
Age: 13 years
Lives in: Nottinghamshire

February 2008

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Feb 24, 2008 16:09
well I heard my mum telling one of her human family that I will be going to the vets soon to be ''done'' WHAT!!!!!!! she says it will calm me down a bit ( how dare she say that ) I'm getting a bit ''lively'' and mums get a little annoyed with me for keep nibbling her bottom. I don't hurt her but I keep pestering her specaily when she's hanging out her washing. I also heard her say she might even get me a little filly friend, but before she does I've definately got to be''done'' what a spoil sport.!!!!
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Feb 19, 2008 17:44
today my farrier came and trimmed my hooves, they feel much better now, but I really don't like having it done. I don't even like my mum cleaning out my feet every day, but I know it's got to be done, oh well thats another day over and done with.
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Feb 18, 2008 14:16
yet another cold and frosty day, it's great co's it get's me out of having a wash down. I just hate having a bath, I love it when I'm all mucky, but mum doesn't , never mind I guess she'll win in the end and I'll finish up having a wash down,
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bath time !!! no way.

Feb 16, 2008 18:16
today with it being nice and sunny. but very cold I thought I would annoy my mum by rolling and getting really dirty. she wasn't best pleased !!!!! I knew I wouldn't be allowed a bath because of how cold the weather is.
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Feb 15, 2008 15:43
today I was supposed to have been having my hooves checked and trimmed but my farrier was too busy to come so I will have to wait until Monday morning, It would be nice to make some new friends on here. I'm really very friendly
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