DJ's Diary

Name: DJ
Breed: Other Small Animal
Age: 2 years Death05.02.2009
Lives in: Nottinghamshire

February 2009

sad day

Feb 13, 2009 13:57
DJ passed away on the 5th February 2009 after many weeks of illness, gone but never forgotten, he was so cute and funny , he loved his wheel which he spent every night running in. I mss him so much. God bless you DJ xx
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mum's been busy

Feb 26, 2008 18:30
mum hasn't got around to buying one of those heat thingy's , she's been very busy looking after us all and had to make several trips to the vet  to take the poorly ones , I know she still cares very much as she always makes sure I'm nice and warm, she checks on me alot during the day and makes sure my hot water bottle is doing what it's supposed to do, had a lovely treat of mealworms today, thanx mum
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thought she would

Feb 18, 2008 14:18
mum is ordering one of those heat thingy's that keep warm for 10 hours , that means she won't have to worry about me getting cold during the night, thank you mum
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cold weather

Feb 16, 2008 18:21
I've felt the cold last night so my mum made up a nice hot water bottle and put it in my bed to help keep me nice and warm, mum's been looking at the heat pads that u warm up in the microwave I think she is thinking of buying me one as they keep warm for 10 hours. I know she'll buy one co's she loves me so much and doesn't want me to fall into hibernation which would be bad for me.
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busy night

Feb 15, 2008 15:46
last night was a very busy night for me I really enjoyed going on my wheel , then I had some tasty cooked chicken yummy and my mum even treated me to a few mealworms as an extra treat.  I feel very lucky, I've made a new friend this week Ramse and it's very interesting to read what he has to say about himself.
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