Phoebe's Diary

Name: Phoebe
Breed: Chinese Crested Dog...
Age: 11 years
Lives in: Chelmsford

December 2008

I'm a Year Old Now!

Dec 18, 2008 18:06
Yep and Christmas is approaching ... presents arriving that She's bought ... but she won't let me tear the wrappings off ... spoilsport! We still go to the park every day for a walk and I get to meet all my friends and play Chase-Me-Charlie! I've found I like to play with sticks and balls ... and my dancing is coming along well now .. She thinks I need to be a bit older to do that ... well all I can say is that now I'm a year old I'm ready! So, Merry Christmas everyone .. hope you have lots of fun !!
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Sep 17, 2008 15:03
Well I've had a lovely summer! Went and stayed on a campsite for a weekend and loved charging round the field saying hello to everyone! Went to an airshow - I was the only dog allowed in and I was very brave about it all - the first plane to take off made a lot of noise but mum wasn't bothered about it so I didn't bother either. Met lots of mum's friends, who were all very nice to me, and I wore a glow collar at night. Mum takes me out every day for a walk in the country and I'm now happy to jump into the car, cos I'm no longer sick! I like chasing bunnies but never catch them! Mind you, I recently caught up with and cornered a little rabbit ... mum came to have a look and the poor thing had myxy, so mum dispatched it. I also went chasing seagulls one day and came back looking like the creature from the black lagoon - black sticky mud, so that meant a bath! I don't mind a bath cos that's followed by grooming and drying - lots of attention!!! I've met so many other dogs on my walks and we're all pals - I love to play chase-me-charlie with them all. Life is such FUN!
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It's cold and damp!

Apr 19, 2008 15:14
Oh it's so miserable out ... think I'll stay in and play with all my toys !! Now, which will it be ? I have a squeaky dog, a big velvet dog, a new orange and yellow and green tug toy - think that's my favourite at the moment ... or maybe the squeaky dog .... ummmm it's hard to decide!
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fuzzy Apr 28, 2008 14:48
you cutie!!!!!
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Running Away!!

Apr 2, 2008 18:16

last Sunday I went for another walk on the Common and I got attacked by a huge dog .. he chased me and I ran and ran! Fortunately a very nice man picked me up on the road and brought me back in his truck, where mum was still searching for me! I love to meet other dogs and make lots of pals out on walks, but this one didn't want to make friends with me  .... and I'm such a little angel  too heh heh.

Anyway I was so very muddy that mum put me back in the kitchen sink for a bath, so now I look smart again - phew!

Today I went with mum to my usual walking place - a nature reserve - all the dogs I've met there are lovely and I met a lovely black retriever, so that was fun!!

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a visit to the beauty parlour!

Mar 22, 2008 19:05

Those latest pictures I put in my album were from when mum gave me a bath in the kitchen sink when I got very very muddy!

Today, though, we went to the beauty parlour and I had a facial trim and a BATH !!! I didn't like the drier much but Della (my groomer) told my mum I was perfect for the facial trimming!! I also got a pretty Easter Bow for my collar, which mum found amusing! Photos to follow!

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Puppy Teeth!

Mar 14, 2008 21:57

Hello ... we went for a walk today and as I was chewing on a stick, one of my puppy teeth came out ... I think I must be growing up fast, because I now have all my adult incisors and canine teeth and now my premolars are coming through!!

I can also stand on my back legs now and turn a circle - mum's very pleased with me and I always get a treat for doing this!!

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Mar 9, 2008 18:22
I'm sitting with my mum watching Crufts - at the moment it's the exciting flyball competition!
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Walking by the River

Mar 9, 2008 18:05
Today we went for a walk beside the river, and stopped to have a chat with a man who was living on a lovely narrow boat. We came back rather muddy, but never mind, it was fun ... and when we got home she gave me a whole leg of chicken, with the bones taken out - yum yum!
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