Millie's Diary

Name: Millie
Breed: Rabbit
Age: 3 years Death17.12.2009
Lives in: Glasgow

August 2008

Diary Archive

i'm sad

Aug 1, 2008 01:00

my friend sooty unfortunately died last week and i was ok at first, i was eating and playing. but it now has sunk in that i am on my own. i'm feeling sad now

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2nd place!

Apr 6, 2008 00:27
I came 2nd place today at my show
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i'm all set

Apr 5, 2008 00:48
thats me looking gorgeous! i'm off for a sleep as i have an early rise in the morning so i can be brushed ready to get to my show.
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i have got to look my best

Apr 2, 2008 23:15
This week my mum is grooming me lots as i am going to a pet rabbit show on saturday and i want to look my best. i am very good at looking cute as i am a tiny mini lop & i only weigh 3lbs.
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