Daisy's Diary

Name: Daisy
Breed: Rabbit
Age: 13 years
Lives in: derbyshire

June 2014

I'm back

Jun 15, 2014 16:09
Can't believe how long it's been since I have checked in to zooclub, well I'm still going strong, getting on a bit now though, I'll b 9 years old in October, started to get stiff legs when I've been asleep but nothing that a big stretch won't sort out. I have a new Daddy who I love a lot, n don't tell mummy but I think I prefer him to her cause he gives me lots of kisses. xxx
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Feb 9, 2011 22:57
Well here I am again, had a great Christmas, bit noisy though, we had 11 here Christmas Day and Betsie the dog who I'm not to keen on as she barks a lot. Been snuggling Mum tonight, she's been rubbing my nose which I love loads. Be back soon, luv Daisy xxxx
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Check up

Nov 7, 2010 18:00
Went to the vets on friday for them to check my toe was getting better, luckily she said there was no swelling so it looks like its healing on its own, got to go back in 4 weeks for them to check it again. She said I don't need my pain killers anymore which I'm a bit upset about cause they tasted of honey and really yummy.
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Need a wee wee......

Nov 3, 2010 21:43
Been on my pain killers for nearly 2 weeks and my toe feels ok now, but Mum says the pain killers might make it not hurt as much but it doesn't mean its better. Mum keeps telling me off, she has put a board at the bottom of the stairs to stop me running up and down but I keep jumping over it, well what am I supposed to do if I need a wee wee, I only do wee wee's in my cage litter tray when no ones watching, I do heve some standards you know.......
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Oct 28, 2010 22:57
Well its been over a year since I've been on zooclub. Mum has got me a new wooden daisy chain for my cage and a new hay ball, I am still trying to eat healthy, I don't have pellets anymore but have orchard hay and hay with marigolds and dandilions instead which I love loads. I have been in the wars, I broke my toe at the weekend, I was in the garden playing and when I came in it hurt so I kept picking my paw up and licking it, because my toe is so small the vet can't do anything and said it will have to heal on its own, so I'm not allowed to go outside to play for a bit or run up and down the stairs, I have some pain killers that taste of honey which is reeeaaallly yummy. I'll try and keep up with my diary a bit better and keep you up to date on the toe, best go and rest it a bit as all this taping on the keyboard is making it ache. Luv Daisy xxxxx
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I'm back......

Mar 20, 2009 17:18
Well its been a while, but I'm back, I had a good Christmas and new year, Mum got me some low fat treats for Christmas which were yummy. Now spring is here I've been playing outside a bit and munching on the grass. I now have an updated outdoor hutch, Mum and Dad had to get a shed to put all the diy stuff in and there wasn't enough room for both so they took the legs off my hutch and put it in the new shed, my run is attached to the shed and I have a bunny flap to get in and out, not quite got the hang of that yet so Mum has to prop it open for me, its good fun though. The diet's still going well and I have lost just over half of what I need to lose, I'm still on the low fat pellets and hay, herbs and cabbage. Anyway I'm off to do a workout (play) in the garden, see ya all soon, luv Daisy xxxxx
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Party time.....

Oct 29, 2008 09:23
It's my 3rd birthday today, Mum said we can have a little party, just Mum, Dad and me, which will be good as I don't like too much noise. Last week I made Mum laugh as I did something really silly. I have a big faux leather box that Mum keeps all my food, brush, toys and other bunny bits in and I know if she goes near it its dinner time, so I start running round and get excited and sometimes I jump on top of the box, which this time I thought was a good idea, well how was I to know she'd took the lid off, I went straight inside and Mum had to lift me back out. Whooops......
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I'm back....

Oct 14, 2008 23:47
Hello everyone, it's a month when I last wrote my diary. Well I've lost loads of weight and Mum said I've become a more energetic bunny, but she says I get up to even more trouble than I used to cause of it. Mum got me a new toy last week to try and use up some of that energy, its a little tree with carrots hanging off it, I tried to tell Mum carrots don't grow on trees but she just doesn't get it. I'm just sat on the bed with Mum at the moment having a snuggle. Earlier today I went outside to play for a bit but it started to rain, Mum kept calling me in but I was having too much fun outside, when I did come in Mum shouted at me as she said I would catch a cold, she had to dry me off with a towel.
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lost some weight.

Sep 13, 2008 09:20
I've been on a diet for a few weeks now and Mum said I look like I've lost a bit of weight, she says when I lay down my tummy dosen't spread out at the side anymore. It's hard work but I'm getting there, I do miss having my treats but I do feel a lot fitter and healthier.
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