Ty's Diary

Name: Ty
Breed: Birman Cat
Age: 11 years
Lives in: Wishaw

January 2011

All Grown Up

Jan 9, 2011 17:56
Its been a while since i last had a diary entry. My how time flies! I'm now a big boy although still a kitten at heart. I've got a fantastic house and run outdoors which i share with Willow. We get out in the summer for short periods but its been too cold over winter for outdoor fun. Happy New Year to all my friends on here
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My new sister

Feb 2, 2009 20:17
Willow arrived on saturday evening and its great fun having a furry friend to play with whilst the human slaves are out working. Her pedigree name is fushoulu the spells on you cos she was born on halloween. She's absolutely gorgeous, just like a minime!
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New wee sister

Jan 22, 2009 18:01
Exciting news. I eagerly await the arrival of 13wk old Willow on 31st January. She's coming up to Scotland from stoke.
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Ty the footie fan

Aug 22, 2008 20:48
I'm now a Clyde FC supporter and have my own scarf and box of tissues to prove it. Last year Jorg Albertz played for us and helped save us from relegation so danke der hammer mein held and here's hoping i'll not need the tissues to mop up all the tears this season!
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Beauty contest!

Aug 10, 2008 17:53

My humans seem to think i'm beautiful, now i know i'm a handsome little chap but their obsession with pet contests is getting beyond a joke! I'm currently a finalist in the 2008 airdrie and coatbridge advertiser and text entries to vote for me close on 17th August. I woldn't mind if the prize was a week in a luxury cattery with an a la cat menu but a years supply of flea and worm treatment, booster vacination and pet goody bag i ask you? They've also entered me in the daily record pet contest and you can vote online but there's hundreds of equally beautiful creatures on there so i'm not too confident about that one.

Apart from competitions i've had to contend with a leaking conservatory and the development of new jumping skills - i can now get onto the kitchen work surfaces much to the disgust of the humans 

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