Bastet's Diary

Name: Bastet
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 11 years
Lives in: Coulsdon

November 2008

New Little Sister

Nov 4, 2008 10:12

Well, after all the upset of losing my big brother, I now have a new little sister.  She's rather annoying - wants to be the centre of attention, always demanding food and she squeaks a lot.  I suppose it'll be OK, if she minds her manners and doesn't want to sit in my place on the back of the sofa.


She's a Maine Coon - a classic tortie tabby - and my humans have called her Sekhmet.  Mummy told me that they can grow to be extremely large so perhaps I had better be nicer to her! 

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My step-brother, Remy

Oct 15, 2008 20:26

My step-brother, Remy, went away last week, never to return.  He was put to sleep as he suddenly became very ill and Mummy and Daddy had to rush him to the vet.  The vet said she thought it was cancer as he had developed a huge lump under his jaw and had lost more than half his body weight.


They buried him in the garden, under an oak tree and Mummy cried until I thought she would become ill as well.  I didn't go out very much for the next couple of days.  Mummy had to go to take her finals for her degree and to some job interviews but I could tell that she didn't want to go out very much either - she just wanted to sit and cuddle me.


She thought I would be lonely, so she and Daddy went out to get me a step-sister - a Maine Coon  they have called Sekhmet.  I'm not sure if I like her yet.  She's very pretty but very shy - well, I suppose time will tell. 

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Thursday 25 Sept 2008

Sep 25, 2008 18:12

Well, we joined ZooClub, which meant that I had to pose in the garden so that Mummy could get a photo of me - she doesn't have that many because (she says) I never stay still long enough to be photographed!


Mummy went to a job interview - I rather wanted to go too so I followed her down the road and she had to take me back three times.  I thought it was a great game but I think, by the third time, she was failing to see the funny side.  She kept on saying that I was a lovely girl but she had a train to catch.  I'm not sure what a train is or why she would want to catch one unless, of course, you can eat it.  Humans are strange creatures. 

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