bailey's Diary

Name: bailey
Breed: American Bulldog
Age: 9 years
Lives in: chelmsford

July 2011

alot has happen

Jul 26, 2011 22:23
my mummy and daddy split up but mummy says i dont need him i have mummy nana and grandad they look after me now mummy got her life back n i got al her attention we go 2 the fields and make mummy chase me i have got big and strong now think mummy finds it harder 2 walk me but mummy says when we move in with steve (my new daddy) he is going 2 take me for long runs i cant wait mummy is alot happier now steves in our lives n i get lots of treats and cuddles especially when steve goes away for work. the last yr have had lots of ups and downs for me and my mummy but the last 5 months just got better and better and im looking forward 2 our new lives
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Mar 24, 2010 14:21

i got 2 spend a week with mummy and daddy last week i got in lots of trouble for chewing daddys new rug i went 2 see maya my daddys friends bitch i like playing with her she gets cross with me when shes tired its funny i was so lazy all week but went for long walks i got 2 play with densel for a bit but dads mum got scared and mummy took me away densel is a shitz su and poodle mummy calls him a shitpoodle and thinks its funny mummy and daddy have put barrs up in the car so i have 2 stay in the boot kinda like it now i watch cars out the back window instead of barking all the time 

get 2 see my auntie 2day hope she brings my cousins especially sky i miss her

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my weekend

Feb 27, 2010 17:53
thursday night daddy come to get me and mummy i was very cheeky i barked all the way home quite funny to see mummy jump over the seats lol i like being at my daddys i got 2 chill out all day friday coz daddy went work and mummy was being lazy 2day mummy and daddy went out but i was put in my den and got worried and i had an accident mummy wasnt happy i got a new harness 2day mummy says it will stop me pulling her down the road i am not 2 sure about that oh and i got my favourite chew bone mummy cant believe i still have most of it left i have 2 go now as mummy wants 2 try on my harness yippee walkies
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fell in love last nite

Feb 23, 2010 15:52
i had a brillant evening my cousins harvey, neyo and lil baby sky they come round with mummys sister and she took us all for a walk it was great and i have fallen in love with sky. today mummy went 2 work and left me i was bored and missed my cousins but mummy was sick and come home i was so happy even though mummy was well we played pull for a little while then cuddled up next 2 the fire later grandpa will take me 4 a walk yippee
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