norman's Diary

Name: norman
Breed: Rabbit
Age: 12 years
Lives in: ireland

October 2010

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Oct 31, 2010 21:30
Its halloween tonight. Busy night with loads of children coming. Hope there's no firecrackers...
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Oct 28, 2010 21:02
Today I'm a good boy. I'm staying up late tonight. Also very chilly today so hanging out in the kitchen all day. Watching tv and relaxing on the couch tonite. Will watch nikita.
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new friends

Oct 25, 2010 15:34
hello to my new friends. I am currently playing in the kitchen with my wooden flavour carrot stick.
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last day sunday

Oct 24, 2010 13:01
Today I was up early as my moms sister was visiting us yesterday and got up early. So I was up and out in the garden by 10:00. It's bit cold but the sun is out. Waiting for my mommie to get up and let me hang out in the sitting room and watch TV as it's nice and cosy in there. Amber is also out today and is watching the birds in the sky. Silly girl...
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