Buddy's Diary

Name: Buddy
Breed: Jack Russel Terrier
Age: 10 years
Lives in: Inveraray

December 2012

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Dec 8, 2012 15:13

As I'm new here I thought I'd just tell a few more things about me and mine. It's cold and wet here today so I'm cuddled up with Mun in front of the fire. The snow and ice are still outside and I don't like getting my undercarriage wet and cold. Foxy is sleeping on the sofa, she's my best pal but she is a bit weird. She is supposed to my a German Shepherd but she's a bit of a runt, she says she's petite and elegant. She is also hyper active and sometimes she even drives my nuts. She was here a couple of months before me and was driving the old dog crazy so I was brought in to keep her company. We have so much fun together, Mum says my arrival saved her sanity which I think means she couldn't live without me.

Kai is sleeping on the floor. He came a year after us, old Teazle died and Mun just can't stop looking at the rescue website where she saw him needing a new home. He's much older than us, he's eight, and he had been working as a stud dog but his people didn't want him any more. He is a huge yellow bear and makes Foxy look even more of a runt, he is very gentle with the cats and seems to be glued to Mum, he won't let her out of his sight. I think he's scared she might run away and leave him. He is a bit odd, he,s not very good at playing and when he gets a ball he just keeps it in his mouth and won't even let Mum take it off him. She says he has security issues, I say he's a bit of a boring wet blanket. He doesn't even know how to do a sniffing walk or that you're supposed to wander every where when walking in the hills. Strange dog.

Dad hasn't been able to get the car up the hill this week so we have been collecting him at night with the quad bike, we wear our flashing led lights and Mum wears her big yellow jacket, we look like the police coming to get him. I ride in my basket until we get to the first field gate then I run down the hill in front of the bike so I'm not in the dark. I'm sure Mum thinks its a good game because she's always waving at me a making shapes with her mouth. Tonight our new waterproof coats should arrive which I'm really excited about. I'll tell you if they're any good next time. 

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