B.B.'s Diary

Name: B.B.
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 19 years
Lives in: Gravesend

April 2013

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Thu 25 Apr. 2013

Apr 25, 2013 14:16

Oh another glorious day with the little knuckle heads (huff).  I wake up every morning hoping it's been the longest bad dream but, nope, they are very real and very much HERE!

The weather is lovely and warm today and normally I would be outside soaking it up. Ever since those two figured out how that cat flap works my whole social life has been ruined! They try to follow me everywhere I go. All my mates have a rip-roaring time laughing at me with these two following after me.. "B.B. where ya goin? B.B. can we come? B.B. are you allowed to go there? B.B. who's that? B.B. , B.B. , B.B. , etc." I can lose them most of the time but sheesh, what a nightmare.

They eat any food I haven't finished at meal time, I mean these hoovers with paws finish their whole bowl in one go! Hogs! .. AND then have the nerve to migrate over to my bowl after I stroll away for a bit of a breather, and devour that!!

I'm going to continue my goth/vampire phase come autumn. For now I'll nap in the spare room where the sun comes through the window and covers the bed. (yawns) yep, that sounds like a fab idea, Hang on fresh clean WHITE bed linen, I'm on my way!!

Ciao for now

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