Belle's Diary

Name: Belle
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 6 years
Lives in: Gravesend

April 2013

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Me too!

Apr 25, 2013 18:55

I thought I'd say hello.  My name is Belle, I'm pretty shy and don't say too much.  I tend to be much more of an action cat! I just thought I'd chime in here since Sis (Sadie) is all that and a bag of chips with doing her business outside and then making diary entries about it.  Well, I did a wee and mum saw it AND said I was a big girl too!

Just wanted to get that in.  I'm off to go play with the neighbor's bush that has the funnest little flowers on it.  When you bat the branches they come off and with it being really windy today they fly!!  Catch ya laterz

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