Sadie's Diary

Name: Sadie
Breed: Mixed Breed
Age: 6 years
Lives in: Gravesend

April 2013

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one more time..

Apr 25, 2013 18:49

Just a quick note to tell about this afternoon after the nap.

I could hear mum scooping the litter box, so I walked in the back door and hung out in the utility room, hoping I could catch her attention.  It didn't take her long to notice me and she said, "Hello Woo." and kept on scooping.  Hmm, this is going to be a challenge, how does a little kitty tell another species something AND get them to respond to your request?  I waited, patiently till she finished and just as she always does, she looked at me and pointed to the litterbox saying it was 'ok' for me to use it.  Here's my chance, she said it again and I started slowly walking towards the back door and came back.  I did it again and boy, lemme tell ya, mum is quick. She said, "Ooooh, you want me to watch you go outside?"  BINGO!

I trotted to the bottom of the garden and mum stood just outside the back door and watched.  I finished up and covered it up and lept and bounded back to mum as she clapped and told me what a big girl I was!!  WOW!  She quickly went inside and gave me and Sis a meat stick!! (our fav treats) What a good day it has been!!

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Thu 25 Apr.

Apr 25, 2013 13:16

 It is a big day today! I hit a milestone way earlier than mum thought.  I did a poo outside!!! Right by the lilac trees.

Mum was sitting at the top of the garden, sipping her tea, when she happened to look my way.  There I was, all still, and looking right back at her.  She kept watching, she couldn't really see anything so she wasn't too sure what was going on.  Then, I started digging and burrying my business.  When I finished I bounded up the garden in a gleeful gallop, all proud of myself and knowing mum would be so proud of me... and she was!!  She was praising me and stroking me and gave me a little treat!  I was so happy!

Sis (Belle) had done a little wee a couple days ago and I saw how excited mum got when she saw that.  Up until then, I didn't know we could do our stuff outside! LOL

Sis and I are busily playing, as we usually do.  The weather is nice and the little flies and bees are buzzing theough the air.  It is quite warm and mum had us running and jumping about with those feathers on a stick thing.  I think I'm soon going to take a wee nap, little kitties can only explore for so long before they need a rest, ya know

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