Hello, I'm Tallulah


Lives in: Bimingham | Age: 15 years

Sex: Female | Weight: 4 kg

Nicknames: Lula

Breed: European Shorthair cat

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Tallulah's statistics

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Visitors: 13
Fish: 116
Paws: 4.71/5
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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
I was stray for 6 months until I was adopted by the RSPCA. My mum saw me and immediately fell in love with me and took me home. Now I am very spoiled, although I have to share my home with 4 other cats, which I don't like at times.

This is what I really LOVE...
Lying on my mum's lap. Chilling out in the garden in summer time.

I DON'T like this at all...
Other cats, strange people, the vacuum cleaner, being groomed.

Tallulah's comments

  • Written on 2009-12-05 16:07:07 (DE)Lisa12

    Hi loves Tallulah! Today we have visited the English zoo club sides and have found your homepage. Wow ... five cats under a roof. We will still rummage for a while on your side and would leave our paw impressions there. We will be glad about your visit on our homepage certainly very much :O) a dear embrace from a distance. Lots of love and a lot of dear miaowing it ... from two cats from Heidelberg on the Neckar (Germany). A virtual little thing for You to the Nikolaus ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥ We wish you, Bambam, Mistyl, Pebbles & Moses and your family a nice 2-nd Advent. Cat's noses-Stupser of Cat Smilla and Cat Dyzio =^..^= =^..^= and greetings from owner Lisa
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  • Written on 2009-04-07 00:32:29 (DE)busserl

    ::::::: ::::::::: HAPPY EASTER $ * * * * * * * * ** * $ * $ * $ * * ** * * ** ______§§____________§§ _____§__§__________§__§ ___§§____§_________§___§ __§___§___§_______§____§ _§____§____§_____§____§ _§___§_§____§___§____§ _§§§§___§___§§§§§___§ _________§_________§___§§_§§ ________§___§§_§§___§_§§§ C § § § _______§_____________§_§ D § § § _______§______§______§__§§§ _______§____§___§____§___§ ________§____§§§____§___§ _______§§§§§_____§§§§§_§ _§§§__§_____§§§§§_____§__§§§ §_§_§§____§_______§__§_§§_§_§ §____§_____§_____§__§__§____§ _§____§____§_____§_§__§____§ __§____§§§§_______§§§§____§ ___§____§___________§____§ ____§____§§§_____§§§____§ _____§§§§___§§§§§___§§§§ If the little Easter bunnies, stupst you with his Näschen, is on the hind legs and say you love Easter greetin
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  • Written on 2009-03-02 22:38:12 (DE)Diana72

    Hello lovely Tallulah, I am very pleased me to your friends to include a fish and 5.Pfötchen I brought you. Love your friend sends you Gizmo
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