Hello, I'm Kim


Lives in: Aberdeen | Age: 27 years

Sex: Female | Weight: 3.50 kg

Nicknames: kimmy,puss,shitey,psycho

Breed: Mixed Breed

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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
I was found by the RSPCA all alone in a house that had no comfy places to sleep and nothing to eat, i was there in that scary house alone for 2 weeks. The cat protection league gave me a temporary home and then my daddy came along and rescued me.

This is what I really LOVE...
I love to sleep and sleep some more because I'm getting on in years but i do like to sit beside my daddy and watch tv. i love to sit on the window sill and look out, i dont like to go out. i love to get brushed but not for too long. i love when my mummy comes over to see me but i dont let her know cause she doesnt live with daddy now and he'd get jealous, ha ha.i used to love to play with a little white mouse on string attached to a bamboo cane, it was called fish mouse.i can think of nothing better than lying sunning myself in the living room.

I DON'T like this at all...
I don't like a lot of things because i was abused n my first home, i don't like noises,paper bags,jackets,newspapers,guitars,outside,the hoover,hair dryers. i could go on.

Kim's comments

  • Written on 2009-09-25 15:04:14 (DE)Kerscht

    We hope your week has been very fine, on Friday, we bring a fish. Have a nice weekend, we hope to bring people and animals! Many greetings Kerscht, Mikesch and Elisa
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  • Written on 2009-07-20 00:13:55 (DE)busserl

    ♥ ஜ ♥ I send ♥ ஜ ♥ ♥ ஜ ♥ ♥ ஜ ♥ thee what ♥ ஜ ♥ ♥ ஜ ♥ beautiful too ♥ ஜ ♥ a good ♥ ஜ ♥ ♥ ஜ ♥ ♥ ஜ ♥ night with ♥ ஜ ♥ ♥ ஜ ♥ very much ♥ ஜ ♥ Ruh ღ ღ ♥ ╠ ╣ ERZLICHE GREETINGS FROM YOUR FRIEND CINDY ♥ ღ ♥ ღ ♥
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  • Written on 2009-07-19 03:09:16 (DE)Lisa12

    Hello Kim! You are really sweet!!! My human mummy has admired you. It would be great if you announced yourself to me. A dear greeting for you of forest cat Smilla and family
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