Hello, I'm Henry


Lives in: Littlehampton | Age: 10 years

Sex: Male | Weight: 3 kg


Breed: Mixed Breed

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Lazy Saturday
Jul 24, 2011 02:13

Mummy and daddy went to work this morning leaving me a George at home, so we used this time to sleep until they got back, then we had a play fight and caused chaos, then after that we napped, lazy days.

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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
i have been brought into ths lovely house and when i arrived i was met by a larger cat which this was my half brother George but didnt what to do a first but then i won him around and we cuddle all day and he washed me for hours and then my owners where so happy we got on but not early hours in the morning when we decided it was time to play...ha ha

This is what I really LOVE...
i really love my family and george my half brother he always plays with me and chases me everywhere

I DON'T like this at all...
i dont really have many things i dont like i can only think that when i go out in the garden i dont like the wind it blows my fur all over the place

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  • Written on 2011-08-23 22:55:47 (DE)bella20

    HALLO LIEBER HENRY;:::<a href="http://www.dreamies.de/" target="_blank"><img src="http://img7.dreamies.de/img/278/b/wtuercpchju.gif" border="0"></a> LIEBE KNUDDELGRÜSSE VON DEINER SEXY::::
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  • Written on 2011-08-14 22:22:10 (DE)PauleSindbadRiesen

    Hello Henry,thanks for your friendship,you are a sweet cat,we wish you a wonderful week,lovely greet your friends Paule and Sindbad with family<br><center><a href="http://www.funscrape.com/Comments/Good_Night.html"><img src="http://img1.funscrape.com/en/goodnight/42.gif" border=0><br><br><b>More Good Night Comments</b></a></center>sleep very good Henry!!!
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  • Written on 2011-08-09 22:40:56 (DE)bella20

    HALLO LIEBER HENRY;::<a href="http://www.dreamies.de/" target="_blank"><img src="http://img21.dreamies.de/img/725/b/07awyddky87.jpg" border="0"></a>GANZ LIEBE GRÜSSE VON DEINER SEXY::::
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