Hello, I'm Allegra


Lives in: London | Age: 18 years

Sex: Female | Weight: 3.50 kg

Nicknames: La douce Allegra, Mamoucchi, Mouniou or Muñu, Mimimimimiii

Breed: Persian

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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
One day, I was lost in the streets of Paris. I was hungry, thirsty and very ill. But someone with a good heart brought me to the pet sanctuary SPA (Societé Protectice des Animaux). There they took good care of me and cured me well either. After two months of veterinarians care and voluntary people cuddles, they decided it was time to find a real home for me. And the 6th September 2008 (it is consider to be my birthday now because we don't know when I was born exactly) I met Gina and David who took me to my new home with them and keep caring for me here in London.

This is what I really LOVE...

I DON'T like this at all...
Milk, wet food, cheese

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