Hello, I'm Gizmo


Lives in: SKEGNESS | Age: 5 years

Sex: Male | Weight: 4 kg

Nicknames: Giz,Gizzy,Mr Bigglesworth

Breed: Ragdoll

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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
I had 6 brothers and sisters and I was the smallest of them all. I was a bit scruffy when I was little and often got pushed into the food so the humans had to bath me a lot. When I was 5 weeks old, lots of people kept coming to the house but no one ever picked up me or my brother until one day 2 humans arrived and one was a giant! I sat in the giants hand and it was so big and warm and comfy that I fell fast asleep! I then was passed to the lady human who had a lovely pink top on and she smelled really nice. I was still tired from falling asleep in the big giants hand so I snuggled down next to the pink top again and fell asleep. Then they went again and I was really sad :-( I was big and nearly grown up (well 11 weeks) and the giant, the lady and a girl came carrying a box. I thought they had bought a present for me but I think they just liked the box. Next, I went out into the big wide world into a metal machine and I was held by the girl (who I now know is my Auntie Lauren) and she held me really close in the metal machine (a car) while the box sat next us. We all went for a long ride in the car (i dozed off again cos auntie Lauren was comfy too) and I woke up in a new place where I met my big brother (just a week older) They told me he was called Ozzy so Ozzy and I cuddled up together and that is how our adventures began............I am a big boy now and I'm not scruffy anymore but the humans all say I am too pretty to be a boy! grrr

This is what I really LOVE...
I love cuddling my mummy in the morning and licking her neck, playing with Ozzy and the kittens, Topzee and Tipzee. I love food but am always getting told off cos I like to steal Mummys food! I am so lucky cos we have lots and lots of toys and climbing frames. I love the Giant (Daddy) Mummy, Ozzy, Topzee, Tipzee and Fillie (she is the boss cat who lives with auntie Lauren and Uncle Scott. I have a big dog friend too called Sercha the chow, he's a big fat chow chow and I love cuddling up to him.

I DON'T like this at all...
Getting locked outside by accident!



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