Hello, I'm Skybound Amelia Aerhart (Millie)

Skybound Amelia Aerhart (Millie)

Lives in: Kent | Age: 10 years

Sex: Female | Weight: 7.50 kg

Nicknames: Millie

Breed: Border Collie

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Back to the kitchen!
Sep 24, 2008 12:49

Just been given "time out" in the kitchen for creating a chaos with the rest of the gang :-(

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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
Saying goodbye to my 3 sisters and brother, going to the vets for my vaccinations, which wasn't too bad an expeirence, riding in the car, my first outing to the beach which will become a daily walk as I live very near to it, learing how to stand nicely for when I start going to dog shows when I'm older and I'm very lucky as I have 5 other dogs to play with including my mum "Summer"

This is what I really LOVE...
Being with "Summer" my mum, tormenting all the other dogs, getting rewarded for being a good girl. jumping in and out of the dog flap

I DON'T like this at all...
Being sent to the kitchen when the other dogs are tired of my tormenting, having my photograph taken, I'm still a little camera shy

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