Lives in: prestatyn | Age: 11 years
Sex: Female | Weight: 12.02 kg
Nicknames: Clebe
Breed: Mixed Breed
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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
I have been on lots of walks to the beach. with my mum

This is what I really LOVE...
I really love walks and toys. But i really love my friend lola and my mum.

I DON'T like this at all...
I don`t really hate anything apart from being told off

My favorite toy!
I have lots of toys but my favorite would be my ball thrower. which i play with at the beach.

Yum, yum. My favorite food is:
My favorite food is biscuit bones and yummy dog treats.

This is where I like to sleep and dream:
i like to sleep on the sofa on my furry blanket. with my mate lola. i dream about chasing next doors cats.

We're not in the circus, but I still know a few tricks!
well my mum has taught me lots of tricks. i can weave through my mums legs,spin,back up and jump. my mum does dancing with me. i can also sit go down and stand and stay.

This is how my family and I found each other:
My Mum found me when they went to the rescue. And they saw me when i was 3 days old in my pen with my mum and my litter mates. And thought my mum was lovley so they brought be home at 7 weeks old. They could only have me beacuse i was the only girl in the litter and they could not have a boy beacuse bertie. But they are so happy they brought me home. I have two problems one is that i wee myself when i am alseep it really annoys my mum beacuse i get the sofa wet. i also have a problem were i collapse and i get confused when i do to much exercise which annoy me beacuse it means my mum can not throw my ball as much as she used to