Lives in: LONDON | Age: 4 years
Sex: Female | Weight: 0.25 kg
Nicknames: Bubble, Cheeky Cheese, Little Munchkin
Breed: Hamster
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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
I arrived in my new home on 28th February 2015. I am a very lucky hamster as I live in a very quiet house with no children, and I am spoiled rotten. I live in a huge cage, and I have my own hamster proofed room, filled with lovely toys, where I can run around and explore every evening. Sadly, my beloved baby, Buttercup, was put to sleep on 26th February 17. She was 2 and a half. RIP little friend :(

This is what I really LOVE...
Eating my favourite fruit and veggies and running around my room, playing with all my toys. I also like tearing up the carpet, but I'm not allowed to do this. If I get caught, I get picked up and kissed and cuddled! But I like that so it's ok. I also love relaxing on the sofa of an evening with my mummy.

I DON'T like this at all...
The big plec fish in the aquarium downstairs. He looks like a huge bird and he scares me. The aquarium lights are turned off when I go downstairs now, so that I can't see him.

My favorite toy!
My wheels. I love wheels and have got many, all in different colours.

Yum, yum. My favorite food is:
Chicken, scrambled egg, cod, all the fruit and veg I am given. I love dandelions too, and there are lots of these growing where I live.

This is where I like to sleep and dream:
In my lovely wood cabin. I have peace and quiet all day to dream about lovely things before I come out to play in the evening.

We're not in the circus, but I still know a few tricks!
I place things in my wheel at night and then run round in it, making the most terrible noise. I know that I will get attention when I do that!!

This is how my family and I found each other:
One Saturday afternoon in Pets at Home in Sydenham. Unfortunately, due to old age I was put to sleep on 26th February 2017. I was a very lucky hamster, I had a warm, safe home, lots of tasty food, a room of my own to play in, a huge cage and a loving, caring mummy. RIP Buttercup :(



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