Hello, I'm Tubsy


Lives in: Milton Keynes | Age: 5 years

Sex: Male | Weight: 2.40 kg

Nicknames: Tubs

Breed: Rabbit

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A few things you might want to know about me

What have I experienced up to now?
When I was 10 weeks old I was taken to Milton Keynes with my brother Sooty and new mom and dad. We were given a cage between us, which we stayed in for the first couple of days and then we we given a whole room to ourselves. This has french doors so we can lie next to the window looking out at the garden. We also had a large hutch outside, but I prefer to be indoors where all my stuff is. We have a see saw, hay houses, wooden carrots, rope, tunnels, and lots of places to laze on at different levels. I loved it as I was boss as I was really big and strong and my brother had to do what I said. When I was 8 months old I decided that I wasn't too fussed about hay and I preferred to pinch my brothers rabbit pellets. I then felt too stuffed to eat anything else until dinner time. One night I felt really ill and I couldn't eat my dinner, so mom and dad took me to the vets and I had to stay there overnight with drips in me. Mom and dad came to see me in the morning and then I went to my usual vet and I stayed there all day. When I came home my brother no longer liked me and kept trying to attack me. Mom and dad separated us, and I had to be fed by a syringe every 2 hours. I fought like mad cos I hated it, and I managed to get a few good bites and scratches in. Sooty and I had to share time out of the cage, which made both of us sad and we really started to miss each other. When I started to recover, mom told us there were no more treats and I had to eat hay. The amount of pellets we were given were also reduced, which really sucked. After a couple of weeks and when I felt better, Sooty and I were allowed out together for a few minutes. To start with it was difficult because he wanted me to know he was boss now, and we were ok once I agreed. I am now all better, and we get treats again. As long as I eat my hay, which is a lot easier now as I get four different types and there is lots to choose from.

This is what I really LOVE...
Chewing card board, but I am not allowed.

I DON'T like this at all...
Getting picked up, and the vets because I get picked up.



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